Ankle sprain – What is it and How to Treat it

The ankle sprain is a ligament injury is extremely common. Also called a twist of the ankle, this injury affects mainly athletes but can also occur in the common activities of the daily life of all people. Therefore, it is essential to know what is this injury, as well as know how to treat the… Read More »

Workout and Diet Beyonce

Who does not know who is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter? The singer and actress 34-year-old is famous for hits like Halo, Crazy in Love, Single Ladies, If I Were a Boy, Irreplaceable, among many other hits, in addition to being known for its participation in films like The Pink Panther (2006), Dream Girls: In Search… Read More »

12 Best Stretches for Legs

Important for the execution of routine activities on day to day and in performing various physical exercises, your legs deserve to be well cared for. And one way to do this is to stretch them. This is because the stretches for the legs, reduce muscle tension, relax the body, prevent wear, muscle and joints, increase… Read More »

As it Works to Orthomolecular Medicine For Emagrecer

The constant search for a healthy life leads to know several areas of medicine that are indicated so that we can achieve our goals efficiently. The orthomolecular medicine is one of these areas. this is a complementary and alternative medicine, which is based on the idea that there is a nutritional environment perfect in our… Read More »

8 Things You Should Never Talk To Someone that has Lost Weight

you Know that irresistible urge to greet someone who has lost weight? Well, before you do this, know one thing: Your comments are often welcome, but please, for the sanity of all the people with the old excess weight, do not between of the head with your comments before groping for the ground. There is… Read More »

3 Receitas de Yakult Caseiro Light

The Yakult is a fermented drink, probiotic, which can bring several health benefits, the main one being the improvement of the functioning of the system, the gut, facilitating digestion and contributing to the absorption of nutrients. probiotics contribute, still, to eliminate the harmful bacteria to intestinal health and, consequently, help to prevent against infections. Some… Read More »

6 Foods Good For Gastritis

gastritis, which is characterized by pain and burning in the stomach, happens on account of an inflammation, erosion or burning in the region of the body, which can be caused by the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages by a poor power or for use in long-term some types of medicine. She can stay for a… Read More »