The 14 Television in the Funniest of the Academies in 2014 (Videos)

in Addition to being a great way to lose weight, maintain good form and improve health, the gym, and the gym equipment can also be the scene of many foul-ups that yield situations beyond funny.

to Be for the account of practitioners with newbies, who don’t know how to run very well the techniques of the exercises and end up messing up or due to the more experienced who believe they know more than they really know and cause accidents by wanting to show off too much, the environment workout regularly provides us with situations in which it is virtually impossible to hold the laughter.

And this is precisely what we’ll see on the following list the videos of some of the funnest moments that happened in training and in gyms in the past year:

1. Walk waltz

The young man wanted to show that in addition to send out well in the academy, is also a tremendous walk waltz. The problem is that he has not thought about what the combination of his dance moves and the treadmill could result. Gave no other: he could not balance, slipped and ended up esborrachando on the floor!

2. Losing the shoes

this, in addition to show the steps of the dance, wanted to innovate in the way to get on the mat, giving a small jump. The problem was that he couldn’t stay for many seconds standing in the machine, slipped and still ended up losing the shoes! Not to mention that, at the rising of the tumbling, it was to stop again on the mat and rolled over once.

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3. The lord is doing it very wrong!

When a person goes to a gym and for the first time you run weight training exercise, you can’t expect it to hit the correct techniques first. But also it’s hard to imagine that she go to work with the weight of the way as the lord of the video made, passing very far away from raise the dumbbells.

4. The important thing is to get moving

If you’re at the gym is to move the whole body, is not the same? So to get right on the exercise bike, moving only the feet, when you can innovate and put other parts also to get moving?

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5. The young man is on the other side!

Cool, he is willing to dedicate to bodybuilding. But just missed to ask for the help of an instructor to learn how to position yourself correctly on the device… And that it cost the colleagues of the academy to give a touch and say that he was on the wrong side?

6. Ouch!

Heck, it even began well, asking for the help of the instructor to learn how to lift weights. The problem is that during the execution of the movement he ended up getting in the way, lowered her arms anyway and hit yourself with one of the dumbbells in a body well sensitive of the male body.

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7. Failed to hold

Not given or for the boy to try to raise the weight. As soon as it was lowering, the bar was escaping from his hands and he did not have the that do not be to let her go and fall to the ground, accepting defeat.

8. Fell everything!

in This video, not only was the bar with the weights that fell, but rather support the whole of the instrument, which leads us to think about how he managed to do this. And if even the baby fluffy that appears at the end managed to hold the laugh, who are we to not laugh at also? hahaha

9. Age is not a problem

This is for those who think that just because a person is older, she can’t send well in the academy. Just look at the layout of the senhorzinho, while the younger boy is sitting there without doing anything.

10. Go far away

This video is the clue that we were missing to be able to say that the treadmill is responsible for many accidents in the gym. The young man in question not only if desiquilibrou and fell face on the ground, as was also flung far, far away, knocking down several gym equipment that were in the bottom of the room. We don’t need to say anything more, doesn’t it? When you use the treadmill, all the care is little!

11. Of head on the mat

we are Not saying? Or the treadmill is too dangerous or these people really don’t know how to use it! While a man was giving an interview to some television station, to fund a practitioner totally stole the scene to achieve the feat of falling off the equipment and hit your head after only put one of your feet on the device.

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12. Look at the bar…

we Talk so much about the poor of the mat… But we need to be fair, the bar also makes its victims. In this mini compilation we see a guy training in a place so low, that when you lift the weight he ends up breaking the lamp in the ceiling, a little boy tearing down the weights of your rod and the other who can not stand to raise the machine until the high ends and letting it fall back down.

have You ever witnessed a scene unusual in the academy, in the highest style “video cassetadas”? Something has happened with you or some friend? Comment below!

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