13 products super smart for the desfralde of the puppy

a few days Ago, I shared with you a video about a privadinha laptop, which was a great success among the readers. And at the time many mothers have asked me other ideas of products cool to the phase of the desfralde – that is, literally, a big challenge in many homes.

so, I have prepared for you today a selection with 13 suggestions of “allies” that can assist the baby in learning. Below you can see what are these products (and if you have some that you helped a lot in the process, and that is not on the list, let me tell in the comments, ok?). Come see!

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1. Troninho Toilette

This potty from Fisher-Price can be used as reducer of the seat and potty. To do a good imitation of the toilet, the piece contains a hook where you can attach toilet paper rolls. If you want to use it as a reducer, just undock the top part of it (the same procedure must be done to clean it), and put it in the vase of your home. And there’s more: when the puppy make the correct use of the potty, the object emits sounds to reward you (but needs batteries). The sound stimulus and the pattern of smiling of the product reinforce the moment of the desfralde as something playful, for the child to learn in a fun way. Oh, and for the boys, the item, account, still, with the barrier against leakage.

Imagem: http://fisher-price.com

2. Troninho Musical 3×1

one More option “cantante” to the desfralde is the Potty Musical, brand Love. In addition to similar functions to those of the product of Fisher-Price (potty, reducer seat, and emission of sounds), this piece can also have the spare tire lift removed, to serve as a stool (so the little ones can reach the sink, wash their hands and brush their teeth with more ease). The article, furthermore, is entirely dismountable, which makes cleaning easy.

Imagem: http://babyfirst.com.br

3. Penico 3 em 1

This other peniquinho function 3 in 1, the Summer Infant, has the distinction of soft seat (made with 100% foam) and non-slip base. Another nice detail is that, in addition to being able to engage the toilet paper on its side, there is space for a dispenser of baby wipes. It also has seat whole damn stamped, to attract the taste of the little ones.

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Imagem: http://summerinfant.com

4. Adaptador dobrável

adapters for the toilet seat folding break of the largest branch when the puppy needs to use the bathroom outside of the house. Exactly in the possibility to be folded, the piece fits easily in the bag and do not occupy much space. More appealing to small is that there are models stamped, including with characters such as this here Peppa, manufactured by Elka.

Imagem: http://elka.com.br

5. Lencinhos tablets

When you go out with a baby is in the stage of desfralde, in addition to troninhos and reducers, you need to think also in the items for the cleaning of the intimate area (which should be cleaned immediately after the pee or poop). Not to run the risk of running out of paper, a tip is to walk always with wet wipes in the bag. And a nice is the of the handkerchiefs tablets, which take up very little space. These here, for example, are the Green Sprouts: these are anti bacterial and come with 10 units in a same package, compact. Very practical!

Imagem: http://facebook.com/greensproutsbaby

6. Adaptador Tinok Toily

Look at this other option to be used in the home: an adapter with step stool. According to the manufacturer, the proposal here is to encourage the independence of small, so even the steps, to meet alone the toilet. If this will be okay with the chick there in your house, only experience will tell (by the way, me account if you have one!), but something nice to know is that the last step can serve as a footrest, while the child is evacuating (leaving the feet well supported and increase the security during these hours, and even the force required to make poop).

Imagem: http://tinok.com.br

7. Protector seat

To protect the car from the danger of a “jet hot” during a trip with the puppy, are available on the market protectors of seat and the seats. This right here, produced by the Baby Holder, is made of nylon (to avoid that the liquid to be impregnated in the bank) and can be used on the seat or adapted to seat. It also has compartments for storing utensils of the baby.

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Imagem: http://babyholder.com.br

8. Fraldas Pull-Up

If the proposed desfralde is to let go of the diapers, but it is still early to wear panties and underwear in children (who are still learning to use the toilet), what to do? An alternative to this transition is the use of diapers in the template Pull-Up. Available in several brands, the innovation of this piece is that it has absorbent (such as diapers), but dresses like a panties (or underwear), just to the small already to go if adapting. With elasticated sides, it is easy for the puppy to take it out when you want to use the potty (and, if you do not arrive on time, the piece absorbs the that is deleted – and no dirty clothes to wash after!).

there are all the moms that enjoy this product, but, depending on the case, can be of great value to aid in learning and avoid excessive scrubbing of clothes.

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9. Calcinhas e cuecas adapted

in Addition to the diapers pull-up, another option to assist in the desfralde are the briefs and panties tailored, specific to the process. The difference of the traditional pieces is that these, special, have internal layers of absorbent and waterproof (but the format is exactly the same). Another difference is that, unlike diapers, these clothes are washable and reusable.

Imagem: http://ecotrends.com.br

10. Livro “Cocô no Trono”

Use the alternatives in play to encourage use of the potty, and later, the toilet is a good option to work with the puppy. I knew that there are books with content that’s fun exactly about this topic? An example is the “Poop on the Throne”, published by the Company of the Wordsearch. The work, written by the French Benoit Charlat, tells the story of a chick that is making fun of the animals that already know how to use the “throne”. But in the end, guess only? He also learns the procedure! To complete the story is I need to trigger the discharge the task that it is up to the player itself. The book is great and well illustrated, done the same to call the attention of the children. And the content should be really efficiently, because the work is out in several bookstores. An option for those who want to is to resort to second-hand bookshops.

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Image: http://companhiadasletras.com.br

Produtos gringos

All of the above products (even imported brands) can already be found for sale here in Brazil. But the international market, especially the United States, account with options even more, “moderninhas” to help the child in the process of desfralde. Want to see? Below, I’ll tell you some:

– Potty Travel

This privadinha turns on, nothing more, nothing less, than a bag for the child to take it wherever you want. To use, simply open it up and fit a bag plastic (that can be stored on the sides of the product, as well as the hygiene items), for the small to evacuate and you drop the dirt with ease.

Imagem: http://amazon.com

– iPotty

Potty is an English term for toilet, and the iPotty is nothing more than a reference to a model of privadinha that has adapter for tablets. This even, can you believe it? This is a potty common, but that, on the front, you can have a tablet docked for the child to entertain yourself with designs and applications while doing the pee and the poop. The product, still, with removable cover touchscreen, in order to avoid possible smears on the screen of the device (still well!).

Imagem: http://amazon.com

– 3 em 1 Owl Potty

in Addition to calling the attention of the children by the cuteness of the piece, this product of the Summer account with an illustrated book and a panel of sound, which tells the story to the small. All to encourage you to have a bowel movement in the potty. After that the puppy would win this step, the screech can be disassembled from the base and serve as a reducer of the seat, and the base can be useful as support to reach the sink. Useful, is not it?

Imagem: http://summerinfant.com

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