6 Foods Good For Gastritis

gastritis, which is characterized by pain and burning in the stomach, happens on account of an inflammation, erosion or burning in the region of the body, which can be caused by the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages by a poor power or for use in long-term some types of medicine.

She can stay for a few days – in the call gastritis acute – or continue over months and even years – in the problem known by the name of chronic gastritis.

regardless of the type of gastritis you have, the person who suffers with the problem knows that in addition to following the guidance of the treatment recommended by the doctor, you need to take care with the power to not eat foods that make the problem even worse and make sure to consume those that do not cause any type of hassle.

We will present a series of foods good for gastritis, and that should be included in the diet of those who have the disease.

1. Fruit

For those who suffers from gastritis, the recommendation is to eat two to four servings of fruit daily. They are foods good for gastritis and provide the body important nutrients such as essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytochemicals and antioxidants.

However, we should point out here that not all the fruits that are good foods for those who have gastritis. The best options are bananas (especially green bananas), apples or apple juice, peach, pear, grape, melon and kiwi. On the other hand, orange, figs, berries, dried fruits, and grapefruit juice should be left aside because they can cause pain and irritation.

The tip is to eat the fruits in the interval between one meal and another, in order to avoid that the stomach is empty. This is because once empty, the gastric juice attacks the walls, which further aggravates the wound.

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2. Sprouts broccoli

Another food that is part of a list of foods for gastritis are sprouts of broccoli, which are obtained when the broccoli has three to four days of life. A compound found in food, a chemical substance called sulforafano, has antibacterial action in relation to the H. Pylory (Helicobacter pylori), a bacterium that is usually the cause of gastritis and ulcers.

Additionally, a survey released in the year 2009 in the publication Cancer Prevention Research (study of Prevention of Cancer, free translation) found that people who had been fed with 70 g – around a cup of sprouts of broccoli per day had less inflammation and infection in the stomach than those who ate a quantity similar to alfalfa sprouts, which do not contain the sulforafano in its composition.

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However, that the effect of the sprouts of broccoli can be kept it is necessary that they be consumed regularly in the diet. Because even two months after the completion of this study, the inflammation and the infection returned to the participants who had consumed the food during the search.

3. Yogurt

The third item in the list of foods good for gastritis is the yogurt, which in some cases contain substances that help control the balance between the good and the bad bacteria in the gut. Especially the products that contain Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium have shown to be effective to decrease infection and improve the efficiency of conventional treatments for gastritis and ulcer.

This was identified in a study published in 2009 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, free translation) that accompanied the 138 people infected with the bacteria responsible for gastritis and ulcer, and that even if the case with the use of two antibiotics and an inhibitor of pump of proton had not shown improvements in relation to the symptoms.

So, these participants were divided into two groups: one that took 200 ml of yogurt with Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, before using the four type of medications conventional treatment and the other that did not use the yogurt and followed only the treatment.

The result was that the researchers reached was that the level of eradication of the bacterium causing gastritis and ulcers was higher for those who drank yogurt than to others: 86% against 71%. In addition, those who consumed the yogurt did not suffer with side effects arising from the normal medical treatment such as nausea and diarrhoea.

it Is clear that to obtain the benefits of the yogurt as one of the foods good for gastritis it is necessary to use a product that has live cultures, such as those present in the yogurt used in the study. To have this information, just check the nutritional information on the packaging.

4. Rosemary and mint

The teas produced on the basis of the mint, and rosemary are good foods for gastritis, act as a soothing digestive, decreasing the acidity in the stomach and relieving gas, cramps and heartburn. The recommendation is that the tea is consumed 30 minutes before each meal.

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5. Green juice of parsley, and kale

A green juice prepared with ingredients such as parsley and cabbage also do well for those who have gastritis. The drink is rich in antioxidants and zinc, substances important for the recovery of the stomach.

The juice still contains other substances essential to the body as vitamin C and magnesium. A hint of preparation of the green juice with parsley, and kale is to mix the vegetables with the juice of a fruit, water, and flaxseed.

6. Bean broth

If a bean does not enter in the list of foods to gastritis, on account of the fermentation which it excites, the consumption of its juice is released and it is quite important, due to the nutrients that the bean offers as well as protein, iron, calcium and b vitamins.

7. Aloe vera juice

The aloe vera juice, or aloe, as the herb is also known, has the property of healing, that may help in the healing of the wound of the stomach cause by gastritis. Drink a serving of 50 ml once a day in fasting before sleeping daily is enough to benefit from the effects.

what can and what can not

those Who suffer from gastritis does not necessarily need to stay without eating meat, but you should get away from types of the more greasy. In this way, you can consume cooked chicken, sautã © ed or broiled, fish such as hake and cod, and meats like duck, cushion soft and lizard. But please note: these dishes cannot be prepared fried, any way.

Vegetables are essential to a balanced diet, getting nutrients and weight control. Thus, there may be excluded from power. But it is necessary to prepare them for stir-fry, since that leaves more hard can disturb the walls in the stomach.

The biscuits can also be kept on the diet of a person with gastritis, but only the water and salt and corn starch, the stuffed should be abandoned because they are greasy. So, as we advise in relation to fruits, a serving of these crackers can be consumed in the interval between one meal and another to avoid that the stomach is empty, and the gastric juice can hurt your walls.

there is No need with all the certainty which the food which will harm for each person suffering with gastritis, considering that each body may respond differently to each substance. However, there are few with enough potential to make the situation worse and should be deleted or at least intake limited.

they Are: alcoholic beverages, full-cream milk, chocolate milk, chocolate, regular coffee or decaf, green tea or black (with or without caffeine), garlic powder, dairy products made on the basis of whole milk or cream, cheeses – especially the very temperate –, onions, sweets, lemon, fried foods, sweetener, soda, energy, guarana powder or capsules, hot drinks, food, sausage and tomato and its derivatives such as juice or tomato sauce, for example.

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You need to increase the consumption of these foods good for gastritis? Have suffered much with this condition? Comment below.

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a Lot of pain all burnt,

heartburn up in anus


I Have chronic gastritis lightweight, our my mouth burns burns the linga and the throat.do diet not as it is or drink anything forbidden, and I do not feel improvements, I don’t know what I do there are so many opinion , what is the right thing to do? I feel good taking milk, but everyone says that we speak evil. Now taught me to taking espinheira santa. 3 x daily 1 tablet before meals.and also coconut water with kale smoothie in the blender in the morning, I started hj I’m with a lot of faith.

I Have gastritis and reflux,my mouth gets very dry during the night, the fillings of my teeth started to fall when I started with this problem that bothers me a lot.

I Have gastritis nervosa hernia, reflux and esophagitis, when is attacked I feel a lot of hunger or an emptiness unbearable, I have to eat all the time and I end up getting nervous. The times can not stay not an hour without eating. Is this normal ?

I Have a lot of coughing, consequently very reflux. I sleep with the bed head high, and with a towel, because it is a lot of saliva. I have a lot of difficulty swallowing
Me gasp as always, is as if My throat was closed. I have a sore throat, pain in the chest.
I do Not know what to do.
The night everything gets worse.

it is Not hunger, is the pain…take away the gluten, and avoids the derived dairy products, start a diet of truth.

everything that I like gives me a burning sensation and pain in the stomach.
even water, I do not know more what to do

every time I eat I have a lot of coughing and lack of air, sometimes I’ll even stop in the emergency room. Teno that make up the injection because I am out of breath already went in 4 doctors, I live in santos got agreement, and I went into a specialist paid in são paulo to see what I have more keep the same thing I do not know where to go.