8 Things You Should Never Talk To Someone that has Lost Weight

you Know that irresistible urge to greet someone who has lost weight? Well, before you do this, know one thing: Your comments are often welcome, but please, for the sanity of all the people with the old excess weight, do not between of the head with your comments before groping for the ground.

There is a difference between “good for you! How did you do that?” and try to identify the bra size of the new body of the ex-chubby, especially in the workplace and with customers on all sides.

so here are the 10 things you should never talk to someone who has lost weight, no matter how proud they are of your weight loss.

1. How close are you lost yet?

And the person answers: I just lose 20 pounds, I think I’m almost there.

The person ended up losing many pounds and you rather encourage it, congratulate it, comes with this sentence in the best style “are you still fat”?

2. Wow, you look so pretty/cute now.

Actually this phrase is not nothing legal, since the person who pronounces it is automatically talking that the/your ex fat before was ugly(a).

That such a “you was already beautiful, and managed to get even more?”

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3. Which dummy are you wearing now?

it Is a fact that today people are quite comfortable in telling their privacy to strangers, since positions are on a romantic getaway when it comes to sex, how they love to collect cans, how to choose the color of the enamel, practically everything, but really there is nothing more sacred than the number of the dummy that wears it.

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How can it be that someone has the courage to ask this question?

4. I bet you have many admirers now!

The major problem with this question is that, in most of the time, she is real, and as happens with most human beings, sometimes the truth hurts, or at least annoyed.

Both men and women tend to be more receptive when the person is lean. Generally the doors are kept open for longer than normal, and they can do things that before you couldn’t, often due to a society that is prejudiced.

However, inside the person who slimmed remains the same, it is just more lean, and more lean people seem to treat it more user friendly. But this can really hurt or annoy someone who has just lose a lot of weight.

5. You have stretch marks?

How can it be that any person on the face of the earth have the courage to ask this question to someone? Mainly the a person that has no intimacy?

Think long and hard before you drop this question.

6. You are dying?

See the transformation in the other person, your weight loss, it can be somewhat shocking, especially when she loses a significant amount of weight. But sometimes the questions that people make are very rude.

  • “are You dying?”
  • “are You sick?”
  • “You have some eating disorder?”

Probably when this person was fat or even overweight, she had some eating disorder!

These questions can be really rude!

7. I would rather you fat ()

The person when you lose weight it tends to be more happy, cares more, their self-esteem increases, she is more healthy, willing, among many other good things. Now, why anyone would prefer it fat, tired, sad, no mood for anything, etc.?

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Talk about what you liked the most of this fat person, you can often (mostly) give to understand that you really don’t like her very much.

8. Do not worry, you can eat more cake!

She can, but she wants to? She just lost weight, the people that like it actually should do is to encourage her to maintain a healthy diet, and not that she engorde all over again.

After all, and if she doesn’t want to? Just because she was fat, consequently you should want to eat much?

Pay close attention on the things that you say to someone who just lose weight, because it can hurt her. Keep these 8 things you should never talk to someone who has lost weight, so it does not run the risk of giving the great outlaws in this item!

You already made a hole as one of those above to be amazed with the weight loss of any person? What was that you said? The person has hurt you, you just having problems, or she took it in stride? Comment below!

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