Sex daily to have children

The widespread belief, at least as far as I knew, was that it was preferable to do it every two or three days to achieve a better concentration of sperm and thus have higher chances of conceiving, however a latest study made by earth this myth.

Scientists from the University of Sydney analyzed the pattern of sperm of 42 men (what does the 42 is a significant number?) all of which we had sex daily least five showed less damage in the DNA of the sperm compared with those who abstained for 2 0 3 days. That is to say that the former had higher quality sperm capable of conceiving.

For its part, found that an abstention of more than 5 days can be counter-productive as the quality of the sperm decreases considerably.

The study is in a preliminary stage and, according to some experts, should not be interpreted in general terms as make it clear that each man has his own pattern of behavior of sperm. Depending on the genetic quality of their sperm and of its amount, for some, the abstinence of a few days may be beneficial while for others it is not.

But what is certain is that contrary to what was previously believed, the study has demonstrated that sperm quality in men with difficulty conceiving has increased in the cases in which the relationships were daily, so if you have a time with the rhythm of “two not one if” and there is no good outcome to it better is a good idea to pass to the stage “one if and two as well.” Of course, it is essential to know the period of maximum fertility of the woman.

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we will See if we get better conclusions in order to find the perfect formula, but I don’t think that exists.

Via | BBC
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