> The advantages of breast milk: the immune system

the Advantages of organic nature, which result basically in a growth-optimal, in a facilitated emotional relationship and in the protection from many diseases, both immediately and in età later (now, for example, we know that breastfeeding exerts a protective effect also against arteriosclerosis).

There are some advantages, “practical” is certainly not to be underestimated: a considerable economic saving and a simplification of the total time of feeding (is everything ready at the perfect temperature, and without harmful germs, wherever you are, without the need of weights, dilutions, heating, washing, sterilization).


In colostrum human were brought out various immunoglobulin: antibodies against bacteria and viruses.

These defenses the past with the milk are important for an action antiinfettiva carried on at the level of the mucosa: in the milk are found, especially immunoglobulin A (IgA), those antibodies that is; that perform a real function of “barrier” against the entry of germs (or other substances) through the mucous membranes.

During breastfeeding the mother is normally in contact with germs, virus, protein substances etc: the same with which then comes into contact with the baby. While in close contact, as is the case in the early periods of life, the mother immunizes against the same “environment” pathogen that lives in the newborn.

then Produces the antibodies against these pathogens, which come in the glandular tissue of the breast and from here in the milk. And è così the infant is found to have these antibodies in defense of his mucous membranes to prevent that will come the germs (viruses etc) present in the environment.

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The mom is; a kind of “factory” of antibodies in a continuous cycle, in a timely fashion, updated information on the type of defenses to be sent, depending on the environmental hazards present. According to recent studies it is seen that this protective system also works against allergenic substances.

The defensive power of the mother’s milk comes also from other factors: in the intestine of the child is fed directly to the womb of the mother develops the Bacillus bifidus, the presence of which is essential to keep under control the proliferation of other intestinal bacteria.

in breast milk is a substance is antibacterial, lysozyme.

These last two factors help to make breast-fed babies are less prone to intestinal infections than those fed artificially.

The presence of lactoferrin then guarantees the inhibition of growth of bacteria (coliforms) and fungi (Candida albicans).

And again: among the nutrients in milk, there are also some proteins and some lipids, with anti-infective and anti-inflammatory.

Finally è been demonstrated the presence in breast milk of cell-specific “defence” (lymphocytes, monocytes, etc) that constitute an additional protective barrier.

This is what up to now has been possible to ascertain, but research in this field is in continuous progress and it is likely that new and unexpected features of breast milk are what first identified.


  • Nutrition and the immune system
  • Prevention of allergies – Prevention of anemia – Prevention of dental caries

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