> Breastfeeding and prevention of allergies

The exclusive breastfeeding represents the best way to prevent those diseases that are mainly due to allergies to the components (antigens) in food.

The breast milk confers, in fact, as già said, immune defenses in the intestinal to “antigens” of the maternal diet (colostrum, the human has, for example, antibodies to the protei ne of cow’s milk ingested by mother).

For the completeness of breast milk allows to delay the contact with other foods, potentially allergenic until the maturation of the structure of the intestinal of the child does not allow variations of the diet (divezzamento).


it is now the undisputed value of breastfeeding in the prevention of iron deficiency anemia.

Though lower the amount; of iron, which is present in human milk (0.3-0.5 mg/l), however, this has the absorption and the use of a così high to adequately cover the needs of the growing child.

The exclusive breastfeeding covers the requirements of iron of the term infant for at least the first six months of life and as a result will be the foods introduced after weaning to ensure the additional intake of iron is needed.


breastfed babies are less prone to dental caries of children fed with the bottle.

This does not seem so much related to the differences between breast milk and artificial milk (besides milk of woman, the content of fluorine is low) but rather to the different way of sucking: nipple, held against the palate during feeding (and often kept long), it favours the corruption of the upper teeth.

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