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In this way, the child is può find to receive the food without having the required

This hinders the establishment of that important communication exchange between the child and parent, that is sì that the crying of the child or its demand for food, still he pursues, to be recognized and interpreted from the adult può così in answer to the question formulated by offering milk.

The discomfort created by hunger is one of the first impulses and motivations of the child to create a relationship with the adult and establishes a model according to which later on can be organized, all the other impulses: a model founded on the trust to have a response to ste satisfactory to the requests expressed.

When you dà to eat to the child without which he had requested, the satisfaction of hunger is deprived of its communicative value.

Even if the child può a liking, and often, in fact, like to and accept these offerings of food, not c’è più the relationship set up by the mechanism of demand-response.

In other words: both the baby and the mother
suffer and apply a pre-arranged time, from the outside, without submitting it to happens between them, that is; no “talk”to one another.

it is certainly not necessary that we reach a regularityà, and then a prevedibilità times of the feeding, but also to give the mother the ability to manage their social life, but this regularityà non può that be the result of the initial experimentation between the two, which leads to “agree” on the basis of individual needs.

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The mechanism of breast-feeding to time relieves parental distress and the fear of not being able to understand the child in its manifestations, così little diversified.

a small child, in fact, especially in the first few months, he has a repertoire of signs is very extended: the tears può to express reality; the psychological and physical different, può be an expression of anguish, of pain, discomfort, or even simple fruit of the new “experiences”.

In the power supply to the time the mother is considered quiet becauseé the application of a food table ensures that the needs of the child, from the point of view of food, are met.

on The contrary, the adoption of a power to request assumes the abandonment of all automatism and interpretations simplified and reductive needs of the child.

può some give milk to the baby every time he cries, and here, then, is necessary to the development of the capacity of observation and reflection on the part of the parents, to understand the origin and the cause of the crying: this is certainly a way to communicate and relate with the son.

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