> Breastfeeding, vitamin D and rickets

If there are unfavorable environmental conditions, because of little exposure to light, which it is not possible to remove, it is necessary to supplement breastfeeding with vitamin D in drops.

it was experimentally demonstrated that in infants of age less than six months is sufficient exposure to sunlight for 30 minutes a week, if covered by only a diaper, or the exposure for two hours a week of hands and head (in infants is approximately 15% to 20% of the total body surface area) to maintain the level of vitamin D above the minimum levels necessary for prevention of rickets.

In the child più grande, an adequate vitamin intake during the winter period is usually satisfied from the reserves of endogenous vitamin D to be accumulated in the adipose tissue during the summer period.

regular exposure to light makes it possible to avoid the integration of vitamin D, without the risk of parents becoming involved in harmful experiences and attitudes “medicalizzanti”.

Give all the days drops vitamins può be experienced how to keep “in therapy” for months and months, the child, that is; instead, it is healthy and fed in the best ways possible.

Even if the doctors consider these doses of vitamins is not therapy but “supplements”, we may not forget that it is a read-very technical and very far from the common sense.

In other words, the parent who “dispenses drops from a bottle bought with doctor’s prescription in the pharmacy” in his life, being administered a medication, and not by integrating the power.

one was born premature &is always necessary, vitamin D supplementation, even if it is breast-fed and leads a healthy life in the open air. This in fact is not enough to ensure coverage of requirements, particularly the top of the body in a very rapid growth of the premature infant.

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in Conclusion then we can say that it is not necessary vitamin supplements, if the breastfeeding is at the breast, and the baby is born to term, provided that" parents have always in mind the importance of life in the light of the day, and endeavour to bring to the open with regularityà the child, from the very first days of life, in every season.


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