> Breast-feeding, myths to debunk

If this set of rules could be found, in the past, foundation in the hygienic conditions and the life of the woman, currently has no meaning.

let’s see them below, as much to dispel some of the myths, you don’t need that:


  • and The woman renounce the use of the milk of the first few days (colostrum), which is invaluable for the richness of antibodies and è più that adequate to the needsà nutrition of the infant
    The woman imposes a certain diet. Just follow to the table his appetite. No particular food is forbidden, but it is the general recommendation to be moderate in the amount; and vary the foods. If the mother finds a relationship between the consumption of certain foods, and certain disorders of the child, willà then decide to eliminate one or more foods from his diet. Since the vegetarian diets narrow bring a deficiency of vitamin B 12, this andrà taken by the mother with vegetarian food supplements specific.

  • The mother it is necessary to drink a certain volume of liquid (perhaps as an herbal tea) with the aim of making more milk, because" its production does not depend on how much you drink, but by the stimulation of the womb by the child.

  • The mother to refrain from activitiesà sports, perché è the now well-known that these, if moderate, increase the production of milk, without changing the composition and growth of the baby.

  • The women follow hygienic ritual cleaning of the breast and the nipple before and after feeding, perché just after the daily cleaning of the body, breast-feeding, in fact, protects the child from exposure to germs.

  • The mother to interrupt breastfeeding for a fever, a flu, an infection; in these cases, there is no contraindication to breast-feeding, becauseé the breast milk is not the way of contagion. If the child were to fall ill of the same disorder, the mother’s milk può to help the small to heal.
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In conclusion, breastfeeding is compatible with a dynamic lifestyle, modern, which also provide for the care of the body and a regular activity; physical. Cigarette smoking can reduce the milk production.

passive smoking is also, without any doubt, detrimental to the child that breathes.

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