> The taking of drugs in breastfeeding

Già in pregnancy, the use of these substances has heavily mortgaged the health of the child.

He presents at birth with a situation of dependence to treat with special attention and può be in need of a special therapy for detoxification.

breastfeeding can be practised without risk to the baby only if the mother fails to discontinue the use of these substances.

To make più criticism of the choice on the type of feeding to be adopted, there often is the presence of infectious diseases as well as easily linked to the condition of drug addiction, such as hepatitis C and hiv / AIDS.

The positività of the mother of hepatitis C virus (HCV +) does not seem to be an absolute ground for refusal of a breastfeeding, from the moment that the percentage of risk of transmission of the disease to the child is minimal.

Conversely, the positività the AIDS virus (HIV +) completely excludes the possibilityà to breastfeed without risk to the child.

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