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“The power from Birth to early childhood – From the stern to the jelly” is a very useful guide and is published and distributed free of charge from the Regional Council of the Tuscany Region. the Life of the Woman, as usual, gives space to these valuable initiatives so that it is, and the information contained are the più wide dissemination and use.

The power supply from birth to childhood: from the stern to the soup Author: Dr. Paolo Sarti (Pediatrician) © the Region of Tuscany, the Regional Council editorial: C. D.&V, Florence Graphic design: the Marco Capaccioli published by the Department of the right to health and of policies of solidarityà.
Policy Area for the Qualityà of Health Services P. O. Education, Health and Cultural Interventions in Sanità


Già in 1984, the Region of Tuscany, published a volume entitled, “The power in early childhood”, aimed at both parents, as well as to those who, in various ways, contribute to the feeding of the child.

After years of using this publication, it is considered useful to proceed to a new drafting, which explain in more detail those topics and those topics which were of most interest, especially to parents, in order to respond to the many needs and questions of study emerged and takes into account of the più current scientific guidelines in the field of nutrition.

This guide-book is therefore in the tradition of regional publications for health education and health promotion in the perspective of the formation of a new consciousness of health in the population.

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it Is now certain that the più common diseases of our time such as obesityà, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis and certain gastrointestinal cancers, can be prevented with the adoption of healthy lifestyles, including the adoption from a child’s healthy eating habits.

This publication is designed for parents, but also for the operators, willà to be used in the courses of preparation for the birth, in child health centres, in schools as a support to help develop and promote a new culture of health.
The minister of right to health Tuscany Region

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