The skin smooth and healthy in 8 moves

you Want to avoid, or at least slow down, the flow of time? According to the New York times, you canò, following these rules:

1) throw the jar of cream after a year since its opening. Perché from kindergarten to the germs transmitted from your fingers. Still più the risk of mascara: in tube the micro-organisms to thrive. To prevent eye infections, the experts recommend to replace it three months after l’opening.

2) stop smoking. The dermatologists are sure that the smokers ‘ skin ages prematurely. Not to mention the eye by panda, with the circles around, that smokers tend to squint wanting to remove the smoke. The confirmation comes from some of the examinations that have noted the sum of a decade of aging in the face, for those who smoke a pack a day for decades.

3) do not squeeze or touch the pimples: meeting the needs of infections and scarring.

4) Sleep helps eliminate stress. Some researchers have analyzed the skin of 25 women who had slept regularly, and 11 that had instead spent the night in white: the difference was significant in terms of elasticityà and gloss.

5) Check that the nervousness: può give a hand to’alopecia areata, a form of hair loss and the development of skin diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, a form of eczema.

6) Alt the vanityà: limited to four products that each day you want to use on the skin. Limit yourself to detergents, products containing antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, pomegranate, soy, and té verde, and rich creams of retinoid, a form of vitamin a, or protein fragments such as peptides.

7) Wash the face. The environmental debris are deposited on the skin: sciacquandovi the face, you will avoid the irritation.

8) Doubt the ability of the cosmetic products are too expensive: the possibilityà  to have a beautiful skin are not directly proporsionali to the money that you spend. Money that comes in the pocket of the testimonials , of those who are in charge of the packaging and the commercials, not the search.

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