Diet May: Pro e Contro

Today we talk about the Diet Mayo and we try to find out the pros and cons of this diet. The Diet Mayo (not Mayan)dates back to 1940 but it enters the scene only in the years it ’80. The diet in question is attributed to a centre that deals with power and who has an office in New York, Mayo Clinic, actuallyà it has nothing to do with this clinic.

The Diet Mayo is followed, although now more and more rarely, by those who have good willà, becauseé includes the consumption of eggs and grapefruit for 14 days. You have well understood that it is a high-protein diet and that like all high-protein diets are only allowed certain foods: in particular, the Diet Mayo provides, grapefruit, eggs,bacon(breakfast) salad, but only a few, butter and various types of sauces. The diet should be followed for 12 days and then 2 days of “rest” where you canò eat at pleasure.They are strictly forbidden starchy food.


Among the advantages of this diet you canò say that the meal is easy to cook and that the food doesn’t cost much.


The disadvantages are many, also becauseé è a diet based on protein and fats and in the long run involves risks for our organism, as it leads to nutritional deficiencies. If the diet is followed for more than two weeks, può cause of the complication of the metabolism  as well asé to foster arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis.


The day for those following the diet the mayo is so formed:

  • BREAKFAST: 1/2 grapefruit, 2 eggs boiled eggs, coffee; or t is without sugar, 1 rusk
  • LUNCH:  2 eggs (cooked without fat) or 100 grams of meat, tomatoes, that will beà, 1/2 grapefruit, coffee; or t is; sugar-free
  • DINNER: 2 eggs, salad celery, cucumbers at willà, 1 rusk, coffee; or t is without sugar


The diet Mayo provides a day of the week free, in practice, during this day you può eat what you want, without a constraint of time. In addition, the diet should be followed until you reach your desired weight and not è provided for any maintenance regime.

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