Diete dei vip

Always looking for diets and diets that help us lose that kilo in più? Well, not all diets are good for you rather of the times  you can reveal “enemies silent” of our body.

in these days we are dealing with specific diets or dietary advice,and nutritionists in this sense, have no doubt, and among all the diets disagree about those so much loved and followed by the vip, for those who all pass as the Diet of the vip.

Diete VIP bocciate

Curious to know which are, according to nutritionists from the British Dietetic Association, the diet of the vip to avoid? According to nutritionists at the English, there are five diets to avoid absolutely, and we see a pò.

First of all, the so famous and followed dukan diet. We dealt with often of the dukan diet and the doctor who l’has set-up, Pierre Dukan, according to his personal vicissitudes and professional, which l’led to be removed from the’order of physicians.

But not only the dukan diet is put under accusation by the nutritionists of the british, as già said, are 5 diets that are absolutely not recommended by the experts.

in The list you add the so-called the NEC (or ketogenic enteral nutrition) più that diet is a true and right scheme limited, which provides 10 days of only liquid-based  and laxatives. Among the diets are not advised for check out  the  “Party Girl” IV Drip Diet, which provides for a scheme based on the drip.

Of this if we want to call it a diet, it is heard often, becauseé è was followed by Rihanna. Then the list goes with  “Six Weeks To OMG Diet”, on the basis of proteins, and finally with “Alcorexia”  that is that the food regime that grants any thing during the weekend, at the expense of heavy sacrifices of food during the week.

This is the list of diets to avoid, according to a statement from the nutritionists of the English, which, though abundant among the vips, are dangerous to health.

La the words NOT

But let’s go in detail and see the diet NEC how it performs. First of all, there è to say that the diet, the Nec is based on ketogenesis that is, when l’body is free of sugar required, thus making our body there will beà to burn rapidament fat and thus lose weight easily. When we speak of Diet, the Nec associate with this type of diet for a doctor, Italian, Gianfranco Cappello, professor of general Surgery allUniversità La Sapienza of Rome, or the physician who made this diet.

The Professor’s Hat he has conceived a fluid, which is composed by  calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium,  whey-a milk protein and magnesium, This fluid should be drunk for 10 days, and has to be accompanied by a nasogastric probe to wear. The results are truly amazing, the testimonials report weight loss of up to 30 pounds in 10 days, but what damage it causes to our body? This diet, which is one of the diet of the vip, becauseé followed by celebrities, according to experts, it does no good to our body, which is found in such a short time,deprived of essential nutrients.

La dieta Party Girl IV Drip Diet

This particular and extreme diet, is known becauseé è was also followed by Rihanna, but provides l’administration via intravenous vitamins (B and C), calcium and magnesium. In short, the più that diet, you can; safely say that this method to treat cases of severe malnutrition, other than food regimen. Absolutely to be avoided, according to experts.

Six Weeks To OMG Diet

We at Six Weeks To OMG Diet. It is always a diet followed by celebrities, where for six weeks doing sports exaggerated and you have to eat only proteins, and is granted only a coffee is in the morning. This diet of the vip comment.


we End the series of the diet of the vip with the‘Alcorexia. This “diet” consists of 5 days of calorie control exaggerated, and then take advantage of it shamelessly during the end of the week. But what’s the use? In short, according to experts, this diet should be avoided at all costs.

let’s just Say that the stars do not know what to invent può to remain in good shape, but be careful becauseé not always  and not in these cases at least, it is good to follow the diet of vip, dangerous to our health.

Let us now turn to a diet, always considered the diet of the vip, becauseé is precisely followed by famous characters,that is, the diet of Beverly Hills. This type of diet involves a consumption of exotic fruits and is used to rotate all the way around to enzymes considered to be catalysts.The diet Beverly Hills è was designed by  Judy Mazel, starting from the consideration that the enzymes that are present in our body get out of balance when we eat carbohydrates and proteins at the same time, and then gives priority to the consumption of exotic fruits, easily digestible compared to other foods. According to the Beverly Hills diet, the base of it is the consumption of exotic fruit then, but it must be stressed that this diet includes the consumption of a fruit at a time.

HOW does 

The first week is considered a detox, where you eat only and exclusively exotic fruits, especially pineapple. Finished this period can be introduced, all’inside of our body other foods,such as meat or fish, where there are weigh the amount; but you may not introduce at the same time.

Finished this week, the second week, which takes place in this way:

  1. the First Day 

Pineapple, and ends the day with corn on the cob, and salad

  1. Secondo Giorno 
  • Breakfast with plums
  • Snack with strawberries
  • Lunch of apples
  • Snack of bananas
  • Dinner with grilled fish 200 grams.
  1.  the Third Day 
  • Breakfast with white and black grapes
  • Snack with fruits of the forest
  • a Lunch of bananas
  • light orange
  • Dinner with chicken and turkey 200 g.
  1. Quarto Giorno 
  • Breakfast with pears
  • Snack: pineapple
  • Lunch-papaya
  • Snack Mango
  • Dinner with beef 200 gr.

The diet lasts around 6 weeks, and then the first week is all based on exotic fruit, where in the’arc of the day is chosen for a fruit and you eat only what, the second week is held as we said above, while in the other weeks, we continue to eat exotic fruit, the choice is really embarrassing, and alternate evening  the meat or fish, accompanied by  salads. The 14th, the 26th and 27th day are absolutely  free from constraints.


of course, a diet of this kind can not ograve; be recommended at all, as there is an overload of exotic fruit, and then pregnant women, children, and those who play a’intense activity; sports, should stay away from this type of diet.

Dieta Raw Vegan

we Want to conclude this long list of the diet of the vip, with the Raw Vegan, or dietary fruit and vegetables not cooked. Many are the celebrities who have decided in the past to choose this diet to keep in shape, such as Robin Williams, Bryan Adams, Demi Moore, that strong dell’s opinion of the science that considers the fruits and the vegetables not cooked, ideal for our body and good to prevent some diseases and also l’early aging. Over the diet Raw Vegan, there is l’vegetarian alternative that allows l’s assumption, in addition to fruits and vegetables, not cooked,and milk and yogurt.


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