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In the past we dealt with, even if briefly, of the Beverly Hills diet, a brief hint of that which is one of the so-called the diet of the vip. Now, instead, want to think of it in detail to understand how it works this type of diet, so dear to the characters of the show.


The diet in question was developed by Judy Mazel,from the director of an exclusive center weight loss in Los Angeles and is attentive to the weight,as it seems, a former child obese, in 1981, pubblicò a book in which were collected all the personal results of a diet that would address the problems of overweight. The book had an unexpected success, to the point that l’author, pubblicò a second edition in 1997,proposing an updated version of the Beverly Hills diet, the so-called New Beverly Hills Diet. We put a lot of this food regimen to be followed and recommended by Hollywood stars.


But let’s go in detail and see on which basic principles is the basis of the beverly hills diet. According to l’the creator of this diet, to properly assimilate the food, our body needs to consume the enzymes of the righteous, and to respect even the right time in the consumption of food, to avoid combining different enzymes.


If you part from this type of principle,which is that our body needs to consume the enzymes of the righteous, especially those of digestion and not to combine different enzymes,  then you have to consider the fact that some foods are granted while others  are not recommended. For this reason, the Beverly Hills diet, consumes almost exclusively of fruit, especially exotic, such as l’pineapple, while proteins, carbohydrates and fats should be eaten only in small part and not at the same time.


The rules laid down by Judy Mazel were at the time criticised by  many industry experts, becauseé are deemed devoid of any scientific foundation. However, the Beverly Hills diet is fundamentally based on these rules:

  • you Need only eat one type of fruit at a time  
  • To consume another type of fruit, we have to wait at least one’s time from the consumption of the previous fruit
  • reducing proteins and carbohydrates you need to wait at least two hours from the consumption of fruit
  • If you consume proteins and carbohydrates, so, it is prohibited the consumption of fruit until breakfast of the following morning
  • you may Not consume milk and its derivatives, sugar and salt
  • può drink only water and, strangely, it is also champagne. Are prohibited all other drinks. Perhaps this is a scheme so loved by the hollywood stars.

 HOW does 

A diet so willing, is also qualified as hay diet, because there is a real dissociation between the fruit, the food of choice, and all the other foods that can be consumed to a minimum, and always according to a temporal order is precise.

The diet is held in the più stages. The first phase, which lasts 5 weeks in all, and that is called the phase of detox, and you eat only exotic fruit, especially pineapple.You can introduce from day 7 also other foods, but gradually, and only in the evening, without having to weigh the portions. After this detoxification period, you move into the stage of maintaining, where l’the creator of the diet recommends that you follow the dietary regime she herself has indicated, precisely in order to avoid a relapse.


of course, this type of diet has been the subject of very specific criticism by scholars and experts in the field.Of the pro, we can point out what promises this diet, a weight loss of 7 kg in five weeks. Many are against. First of all, is a diet that is fairly unbalanced from the point of view of food, as it provides an exaggerated consumption of exotic fruit, then are not calculated the exact calories, and not even the weight of the food. Of physical exercise and sport in general does not speak, but can notò be even contemplated, having regard to the diet to follow.Absolutely not recommended to those who has health problems, but also to the pregnant  and to those who practice the sport.


But let’s see the day, a sort of menu diet beverly hills. We start from the fact that the diet is essentially divided in three phases. The first phase lasts for 10 days. The second phase begins l’eleventh day, while on the nineteenth day he began the third phase. The diet lasts for 5 weeks.

  • Fase 1 

Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner: Fruit at willà and può choose from  bananas, pineapple, mango, watermelon, melons, pears, and tropical fruits and in the più you can add  20 grams of dried fruit occasionally.

  • Fase 2  

Breakfast and Snack : Grapes in abundance – Lunch  with vegetable soup,1 slice of bread, grape Dinner: 80 grams of steamed rice with 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil or 2 baked potatoes,grapes.

  • Fase 3 

Breakfast and Snack: Melon or watermelon- Lunch with a base of boiled vegetables with 1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil- the Dinner with 150 grams of chicken breast with green salad and strawberries.

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