Come rendere il panino light

who said that a sandwich must be for strength fat and rich in calories? Also, the sandwich, in fact, può become a food light to enter into the diet, using, for example, loaves, fiber-rich, farcendolo with vegetables, seafood and fruit and substituting the sauces rich in fat with those thin yogurt. In this way, your sandwich will stayà very good without being a burden on your diet.

I segreti per rendere i panini light

A sandwich is, without a doubt, the solution and the più comfortable when you have little time to be able to cook, you want to make a quick meal without having to prepare or it is in the journey. Also is a meal which is loved by children that is d’agreement mothers because it is easy and quick to prepare. Unfortunately, forò often the sandwich is stuffed with sauces rich in fats and sugars, meats that are high in fat and other foods that are not very good for your health, and that are hopelessly rise the calories. The solution forò c’è, è that of making the sandwich light with a few simple moves. We propose, therefore, to various tricks in order to transform the sandwich in a meal slimming with parità sazietà and (d pleasantness, making it even more digestible.

The first thing to do is choose the bread just to prepare your sandwich. so Try to know the caloric values of the various types of bread to prepare a sandwich light. The rye bread è the più thin with 220 kcal l’ect, while wholemeal bread has a population of 240 kcal. We find 250 kcal with the bread (only one slice has 50 kcal), while the breads and the tuscan have 260 kcal but they are very più rich in protein and have compensation less salt. Absolutely avoid the washers that come to have about 270 kcal l’hectogram. Advised against bread at all’s milk or olive oil (300 kcal), and worse still, the focaccia, the pizza and the flatbread that more than 300 calories because of the oil content, or lard.

When you prepare your sandwich remember to use thin slices of bread and with a uniform thickness, throughout, thereò you can do it using a good serrated knife. Before filling the sandwich eliminates the soft excess, which is harmful because; it is deposited throughout in the’abdomen and do not receive nourishment, causing then the swelling.

After you cut the bread, choose your filling light that you prefer. Avoid using the sausages and cheese, but the tip on the fish on the vegetables and the cheese light.

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