Kim Kardashian lean in a little time after the pregnancy

After having taken so many pounds during pregnancy so as to have attracted some of the jokes and the gossip of the newspapers of the gossip, Kim Kardashian è managed to lose weight in a very short time after birth thanks to the famous Atkins diet. The pregnancy of the beautiful Kim has given her not only a beautiful girl, to share with her husband, rapper Kanye West, but also many lbs in the più to the young mother.

L’objective è was joined by Kim thanks to Atkins diet, è was she to confess it by writing it on his profile on Twitter “I have been following the Atkins diet, and l’love” she tweeted Kardashian in response to all the fans that asked him how he had been able to go back così toned, lean and fit immediately after pregnancy.

But how does it work the Atkins diet? This diet primarily on the consumption of proteins derived from lean foods and healthy fats, coming from foods such as nuts and l’avocado. It also provides a regular consumption of fruit and vegetables. Colette Heimowitz, vice president of dell’s nutrition for Atkins Nutritionals, who has helped Kim with weight loss, he explained, “You è beautiful, very approachable and very pleasant. È was very motivated to prove to people that he was able to return to his pesoforma”.

“lunch and dinner are similar to each other” explained Colette Heimowitz “that is based on a lot of vegetables, all kinds of color and varietyà, as they are full of fiber with high satiating effect. As a condiment you use l’olive oil”. In diet Kim Kardashian also has been inserted, a high number of proteins with a consequent decrease of the carbohydrates, when consumed for a maximum of 50-60 grams per day.

in Addition to Kim Kardashian other popular have chosen the Atkins diet to lose weight such as Rihanna and Sharon Osbourne. Kim when he was waiting for his daughter, and the little North, had come to weigh even 90 pounds, maybe because of a’s wrong diet. L’weight gain was not escaped tabloids and gossip magazines that had criticised l’increase of the weight of the Kardashians.

Thanks to the Atkins diet, Kim Kardashian è managed to lose the excess pounds and only a month after the pregnancy had disposed of 13 pounds, today è returned in form, with a physical, buttery, and with curves in all the right places. The weight is just right, and Kim finally feels beautiful and in shape.

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