A dieta con lo champagne

L’latest fashion to stay in shape and lose weight è the diet champagne perfect to follow during the holidays. This diet puts the focus on the champagne that should be consumed on a daily basis and has been designed by the americans that have spread among the stars, the champagne Diet. 

A diet that is bizarre and really fun to follow especially since it is no food is forbidden, while l’only rule is to eat well and to choose only products of qualityà, nutritious, and tasty, taking a total of 1,200-1,400 for the calories per day.

To create the diet by Cara Alwill Leyba of New York, who explained “For a quick meal, farewell to cheeseburger, chips and a cola: it is better to smoked salmon bagel, green salad, and of course a glass of champagne” explained the dietician. The famous glass with bubbles, in fact, contains about 90 calories, and according to the experts, thanks to the numerous bubbles in champagne, l’alcohol enters immediately into the circulation much more quickly, and if it consumes less.

at The base of this diet c’è the belief that eating a fine food would help to give value to their wellbeing and to the body, and would also help to reduce the risk of bingeing. “The secret lies in eating fine food, and qualityà. If you eat well you feel better about yourself and consequently it is less likely to choose foods iperingrassanti” explained Dearbhla McCollough, a psychologist of the’University of Roehampton.

According to the scholar, Elisabeth Weichselbaum of the British Nutrition Foundation and enjoy a glass of champagne a day does not bring any problem to the line, and a glass of champagne at day &is the perfect dose for each person. In addition, the champagne contains a high amount of polyphenols that have an antioxidant power. Especially the rosy è the più suitable for the wellness of body and mind.

The diet of champagne and plan to eat a breakfast of toast with integral spread over the jam without the sugar and caffè. The morning snack should be a banana, for lunch you must eat a cake or a sandwich with goat cheese, roasted peppers and a bit’ of mushrooms. In addition to the snack of the afternoon is consumed in a t&is; hot, for dinner, a potato and mixed vegetables with a glass of Champagne.

A diet is perfect for those who love the good food, refined and tasty, and for those who do not want to cook them all’s excellent cuisine with an eye forò to line.

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