Dieta Facile e Veloce

The Christmas and new year’s Eve are coming and we should submit to a tour de force of culinary, between lunches and dinners with endless food rich in calories, sweets each hour. Not to speak of the Epiphany, when the inside of the stocking we will find any goodies: cakes, chocolates, sweets, candies, and liquorice, that will rise our rolls too and get us to February with a few pounds in the più.

If you can’t avoid the binges of the holidays, we can at least warn us and lose some extra pounds before the’arrival of December. We propose, therefore, a diet easy (there are many, too fast) to follow the slimming without efforts. It is a food program that is based l’s daily diet, on healthy foods and simple that you satisfied without making you fat. This diet, low-calorie, è very easy to follow, and there willà to feel più beautiful and to enter into that dress you really wanted to splurge for Christmas Eve or new year’s Eve.

Menù weekly Diet Easy:

Breakfast: herbal tea, thè green or a coffee; a piece of fruit (choose from apples, kiwi, pear, 2 slices pineapple).
Snack: herbal tea, thè green or a glass of milk skimmed, a piece of fruit (choose from apples, kiwi, pear, 2 slices pineapple).

Lunch: seasoned vegetables with a tablespoon of extra-virgin d’olive oil and a clove d’garlic, a fillet of veal cooked on the grill, a piece of fruit.
Dinner: salmon fillet cooked on the plate, tomato and cucumber salad, and a fruit.

Lunch: an omelet prepared with onions and two eggs, mixed salad with lettuce, and tomato.
Dinner: mixed salad topped with 2 boiled potatoes, a tomato, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil’olive oil and lemon juice, and a fruit.

Lunch: white cabbage steamed, baked chicken.
Dinner: green beans with tomatoes and tuna.

Lunch: rice with mushrooms, a boiled egg, a fruit of your choice.
Dinner: chicken breast on the plate, seasoned with aromatic herbs, mixed salad.

Lunch: turkey breast cooked in a pan with a side dish of spinach, a piece of fruit.
Dinner: peas with ham cubes.

Lunch: broccoli passed through in a pan with a little d’oil, cream cheese and carrots.
Dinner: a fillet of meat of veal, mixed salad.

Lunch: fish fillets with sauce (tomato, cabbage with carrots, a piece of fruit.
Dinner: omelette with two eggs, fresh cheese, prosciutto, and a fruit.

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