The diet to follow if you are lactose-intolerant

For those who suffer from the intolerance to milk and its derivatives , the diet not is just a matter of weight loss, but most of all health. In fact, these people should follow a diet that is balanced, but is also free of milk and dairy products. If you è intolerant to dairy products for a balanced diet that allows you to stay in shape, you need to replace the three portions of cheese and dairy products which are usually recommended by the nutritionists with other foods sources of proteins.

One of the main problems when it turns out to be intollerati lactose is presented for breakfast, especially if one is accustomed to drinking cow’s milk as soon as you wake up. In this case, the milk può be replaced with soy milk può be accompanied with the dried fruit that is particularly rich in calcium, you can also enjoy a snack and as a snack in the midà morning. Finally, in order to strengthen l’plant skeletal è need to drink about a litre and a half of water rich in calcium (by adding calcium to a quantity; of 360 mg per litre).

diet for lactose intolerant: the menù weekly


LUNCH: 70 grams of rice with zucchini and saffron, 120 grams of tuna, mixed salad, fruit salad
DINNER: soup of legumes, lentils, peas, beans, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes, salad of tomatoes, an apple.

: 70 grams of pasta with eggplant and tomatoes, steak of salmon baked in foil with herbs and garlic, and a pear.
DINNER: a frittata of zucchini and onions, two slices of wholemeal bread, fruit salad.

: whole wheat bread accompanied with 100 gr of raw ham, fat removed, cucumbers and tomatoes, an orange.
DINNER: a burger of lean meat, carrots, boiled and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil’olive, a kiwi.

: fish balls with tomato and oregano, potatoes and cabbage, an apple.
DINNER: steak of beef, cooked on the plate, accompanied by a’s fennel salad, black olives and oranges, and a pear.

: a red pizza of medium size with tomato and oregano (or to vegetables with zucchini, peppers, mushrooms or eggplant), a’salad.
DINNER: scalloped potatoes and ham, salad of fennel with pepper and extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, a fruit salad.

: two slices of whole wheat bread with 100 gr smoked salmon and rocket salad, a fruit salad.
DINNER: soup of mixed vegetables, 180 gr of bresaola with rocket salad and extra virgin olive oil’olive oil, a pear.

: 70 grams of rice with curry and mixed vegetables, a’s a mixed salad, an apple.
DINNER: 2 eggs, bull’s eye with tomato and onion, tomato and cucumber, with a fruit salad.

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