With the diet Mayo lose weight quickly – 7 kg in 2 weeks

The diet Mayo è a special diet that has become famous over the years –80 and provides a daily intake of 1,000 calories. The diet lasts only 15 days since the&is; &is; very restrictive, but it allows you to lose weight quickly and of several kilos. Goes toò is made only if it is in perfect health and have no physical problems. After the sacrifice the initial there are two whole days in which you canò eat everything thereò you want.

If you resist and 15 days not to fall into temptation, you can lose seven pounds in just two weeks. Eliminating sugars and carbs in fact, fat burns very più fast and slim quickly to many pounds.

The diet May

The diet Mayo provides a few rules that must be rigidly followed. The first thing to be abolished, all dairy products, including yogurt and milk at breakfast. Are prohibited also carbohydrates and grains, you can eat only a slice of whole grain bread per day.To delete all of the pastries and the sugars in general, among these also the fruit (l’only one allowed is the grapefruit).

The diet also prohibits consumption of potatoes and legumes, while the only vegetables that are granted are tomatoes, spinach, l’salad and cucumbers).  we do Not provide snacks in the midà in the morning the nè snacks, but only the main meals.

The meals provide the consumption of meat and fish-lean, which need to be cooked steamed or grilled. The caffè and the thè instead, they are free. Finally l’main food of this diet is l’s egg that must be consumed every day.

two weeks you’ll have to make 11 meals of eggs, 10 meat meals, 3 meals of fish, 2 meals of fruit, only 1 meal of yogurt.

The diet mayo: example of a menù

Breakfast: grapefruit, 2 boiled eggs, 1 slice of wholemeal bread, coffee; or thè sugar-free
Lunch: 2 hard-boiled eggs, or cooked in a frying pan without fat. Alternatively, you can eat 100 grams of cooked lean meat grilled, tomatoes, celery, spinach, cucumbers and salad in quantity; you want, a grapefruit, coffee; or of the thè without sugar.
Dinner: two hard-boiled eggs or cooked in a frying pan without added fats and vegetables that are granted by the diet in the amount of; you want.

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