Foods to avoid to lose weight in a hurry

Keep in shape è più easy if you know to perfection the foods that we must avoid. We see, therefore, a list of foods to avoid when we are at diet and we want to lose a few pounds. Just a little’ of rigor and the desire to get in shape. Avoid these foods and sarà più easy, così you will lose a few pounds after the Easter holidays.

foods to avoid

Cappuccino: The breakfast bar is to avoid if you want to lose weight because it is super caloric. If you have to eat at the bar avoid at least the cappuccino, but eat a coffee; espresso or a thè.
Grains: flakes of corn,unlike what you believe, not are thin is because; they may contain oil and sugar. In many types also you also add the dried fruit and chocolate to get more than 500 calories.
rice Cakes: are well-loved by those who is on a diet, but even if they don’t have calories, do not give even the energy and even nourishment. Thereò means that right after you eat, you’ll immediately get hungry again and there abbufferete.
Avocado: this result è among the più fat and difficult to digest, avoid if you’re on a diet.
Burgers: the meat on The grey or in the pan is usually very lean, but watch out for seasoning sauces and cheese are bad not only to the line, but also to the health.
Sausages: are full of fat and salt. Avoid the salami and mortadella, but preferred the ham that is lean and easy to digest.
Fried are excellent and delicious, but really harmful. These foods increase the waistline, but also your cholesterol. Therefore, no to potato chips and fried.
Sweets: the sweets are bad for our health, but also for the line. Increase bad cholesterol and are particularly loads of fat and sugar. They are really the best way to take weight easily. The eye, especially the biscuits a long shelf life. Vary from 30 to 50 calories l’one.
alcohol and spirits.
carbonated soft Drinks and sweetened juices and fruit.

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