The diet of Zen to lose weight and heal the mind

Finally, a diet that not only looks all’s physical appearance and all’s power, but also and especially to the mind! This is the Diet Zen, a brand new food regimen comes from japan and has conquered the star of Hollywood, first of all, the pop star Madonna who is following this diet, stay in shape and have a perfect body despite having passed the anata. It is a diet followed by the zen monks to keep the body in perfect balance and to satisfy not only the body but also the mind.

An effective diet, which allows you to lose weight without making sacrifices and feeling better. The follow also Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore and Julia Roberts that use the diet zen to stay in shape by losing up to 5 kilos a week.

The rules of the Diet Zen

  •  Drink a lot of water
  • to eat meat only two times a week
  • consume a lot of fish, in particular mackerel, tuna and salmon
  • eat slowly, chewing well the food
  • chop up the food on your plate
  • every day, do a half’s now walking in the midst of nature
  • drink every day 4 herbal teas
  • consume natural foods rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber.

menù of the diet of Zen

Breakfast: 3 crackers wholegrain rice with a drizzle of jam, a glass of tè green
Lunch: 60 gr of noodles with mushrooms and asparagus steamed, salad with lettuce and sesame seeds.
Dinner: cuttlefish cooked on the grill, steamed spinach, zucchini and grilled eggplant, cherry tomatoes and arugula

Breakfast: a glass of  tè green with a yogurt bianco magro seasoned with a tablespoon of oats, three almonds
Lunch: prawns grilled and dressed with the sauce and wasabi, a salad with mushrooms and raw parsley.
Dinner: salad with ginger, radish and green apple seasoned with a’s emulsion of extra virgin olive oil’olive oil and apple cider vinegar, tofu, sesame seeds.

Breakfast: 3 rice cakes wholegrain codite with a cucchio of honey to the flowers, d’orange or d’acacia, a glass of orange juice d’orange, and a glass of the thè green.
Lunch: salmon baked in foil seasoned with spices and lemon juice, zucchini and boiled carrots.
Dinner: – pie with ricotta cheese and spinach, grilled eggplant

Breakfast: a yogurt skinny white inside with 4 almonds, a cup of thè green, two rice cakes whole grain.
Lunch: 60 gr of rice noodles with mushrooms, shrimp, zucchini, and cabbage, salad with soy sprouts and tofu.
Dinner: grilled tuna with soy sauce, a’mixed salad with mushrooms.

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