Healthy and fit with diet Pritikin

The diet Pritikin takes its name from its inventor, namely, l’engineer Nathan Pritikin, who, in the Fifties, was found by doctors of a serious heart condition. All’era, Pritikin was very young, and without surrendering at the risk of a short life, earlyò to learn about the theme by creating a food program and a dietary able to do good for the heart and circulatory system. The method invented hò to the masses in 1976, with a book by the title The Pritikin Diet and Exercise. It is a diet  with so much exercise, and a’s power is low-calorie. We therefore seek to discover how it works the diet Pritikin and how to follow it to lose weight and be healthy.

La pritikin diet

According to l’engineer, inventor of the diet, we all are driven by a survival instinct that pushes us to eat more and had to remove l’activityà physical as to not waste the energy. For Pritikin this instinct you can; to stop, thus, limiting fat and taking a lot of sugars and dietary fiber. In the diet that you proproniamo therefore you consume a lot of fibre and carbohydrate,  and you reduce the fat, with great benefits for l’s body.

foods of the diet Pritikin

let’s See the foods that you can eat, those to limit and those prohibited:

Foods allowed

Fruit, dried vegetables , vegetables, foods rich of precious whole grains, yogurt and cheeses, light thin, no cheese, milk, herbs and spices to use for seasoning dishes in order to limit the consumption of salt, coffee; tea, herbal teas and t&is;, white d’egg, shellfish, fish, and lean meat.

Foods to consume little

Oils of vegetable (l’oil must be used to a minimum), refined sugar, or artificial, salt,  alcohol, special condiments,

Foods not to eat

Butter and animal fats, chocolate of any kind, margarine, fatty meat, just hydrogenated, cold meats, egg yolk d’egg, coconut, desserts,  fried, any type of confectionary, sauces and gravies.

Menù type of diet Pritikin

Breakfast: a’orange, 80 g of whole grains, two tablespoons of bran, a yogurt, white light
Lunch: 100 g lentils, green salad with tomatoes, 100 grams of steamed broccoli, two slices of wholemeal bread, a kiwi fruit
Snack: carrots, fennel and celery eaten raw
Dinner: 80 gr of integral rice with shrimp and zucchini, mixed vegetables cooked in a steam bath, an apple, a cup of thè green

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