La Dieta Thaiti super veloce

If you want to follow the good eating habits and in the same time lose weight, quickly reshaping your body and losing even 2 kgs in only 4 days you can try the revolutionary diet Tahiti. We già talked about the diet Tahiti, but today we offer you the version super fast that will beà lose weight in less than a week.

La dieta Thaiti

How it works the diet Tahiti

To lose weight in a hurry, and get to throw giù also two pounds in 4 days, the first thing you must eliminate from your diet i fat sugars, opting for a’s power più well-balanced with protein, vegetables and exotic fruits. L’objective è to do that’s body recovered quickly, l’s energy directly by using the reserves of the fats present in the’body. The protein also promotes the development of muscles, the vegetables, fruits and essential fatty acids that promote cell renewal and allow you to delete the cellulite.

menù type of diet Tahiti

Breakfast: a tè or a coffee without sugar, a glass of soy milk, one yogurt vanilla, a small bunch d’grapes.
Lunch: a soup with the broccoli to the coconut milk, seafood and cooked in a frying pan, a plate of green beans, a’s citrus salad.
afternoon Snack: 100 grams of low-fat yogurt with pieces of fruit.
Dinner: a’salad with hearts of palm accompanied with a fillet with mustard, vanilla,’green salad and a compote of pears.


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