In the hot summer?Follow the right diet to begin by the summer

L’summer continues to be felt and l’only solution is to help with the food.

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The heat continues to be felt to a pò anywhere.Difficult to endure, and to deal with and the weather forecast is clear,toà always più hot.  In the summer, in addition to losing the forces,is also l’appetite, not to speak of those who suffer from low blood pressure, which is found to fight with the heat of the summer. In short, they serve the forces and energies of the right to deal with l’summer, in the best of ways.

The best help, as always, comes from the food. Help with l’s power is the first step to do to stay in shape and feel better. You have to be careful in the summer, becauseé you tend to put on weight, because our body puts us più time to burn fat. And it’ s so good to follow a healthy diet and the right activity; in physics.

 don’t skip meals

The first rule to follow during l’summer è do not skip meals. And it’ s essential to continue to follow the dietary habits of always respecting the five meals per day. If it really is hunger, at least strive to eat a little, avoiding the absolute fast, that is not absolutely good to our body.

 Drink plenty of water

it’ s true, we say always the same thing, but never as in this period of the’year need to drink a lot of water;Experts recommend at least 1.5/2 liters of water per day

Eat fruits and vegetables

a l’water, experts recommend the daily consumption of fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables, in fact they are great allies for the well-being of our body and help us to overcome in the best of ways, the summer period.


let’s See a pò instead,what is better to avoid during the summer period. First of all, it is well to leave aside, or at least avoid for a pò,alcoholic beverages, or sweetened, as it not only increase the sweating,but they do come still più the desire to drink.Among the things to avoid there are also cold meats, as also quest’last increase thirst.

Drinks are recommended

We are talking about thereò that è better to do or eat during l’s summer, and things to avoid to deal with più serenityà,l’summer. Here are some of the drinks natural, recommended for the hot season. First and foremost, the mint, or, better still, milk and mint, but you canò very well opt for l’orgeat, or almond milk. For those who do not want to give up the fruit can opt for a nice lemonade, or cedar. In the summer they go well with tè cold, in short, the alternatives are not lacking.

And to close in beauty, l’inevitable yogurt is just what we want.And let’s not forget the healthy activitiesà sports, of course, all’open in the summer.

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