Diet of 3 days: pros and cons

You have followed a balanced diet for all l’year? In this case, your swimsuit sarà was passed with full marks, but if you ate unruly, go to the sea sarà was a real nightmare. Not c’è più time to start to follow a diet that helps you lose weight in a healthy and balanced, for this reason, many people resort to of special diets that will allow you to lose a lot of pounds in a few days.

There are diets such as the popular Dukan and Atkins, which we have già talked about a lot, followed by many stars, such as Jennifer Lopez. Other people, however, rely on other dietary regimes that promise to be even moreù fast of these diets just mentioned: the diet 3 days.

In a few days, therefore, you will be able to drop off dramatically of weight. Usually you can lose three, four pounds with quest’s power. The question people should be asking concerns the security of the diet of 3 days and, especially, if this style of food is really effective.

Before I show you this particular diet, remember that the weight loss in a few days could result in almost definitely a yo-yo effect.

L’usual menu diet of the three days includes lunch, very light toasted bread, while for dinner you can consume a lot of vegetables, fruit and even vegetables. You would need to say goodbye to any seasoning beyond the lemon juice. During this period è the “recommended” to drink a lot of caffè to try to dampen the hunger, of course, sarà present. To obtain satisfactory result, you can approach this diet of herbal detoxification that will help you lose even more weight. it Is, therefore, a diet of very few calories that it may not always be the best choice.

The diet of the three days of the pro very good, in fact, you can lose weight in a few days, allows you not to weigh any type of food. The disadvantages, forò, far exceeds the benefits. In the first place, to drink a lot of coffee; is highly injurious to health especially for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

Lose pounds in così short time involves a’excessive loss of fluids and, therefore, you can replace each pound lost within a very short time. This is dell’s effect yoyo that we già talked about, in fact, to avoid putting back the kilos lost you will have to follow a diet long and well-balanced. Finally, the diet of 3 days can notò be absolutely positioned to the activitiesà physics.

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