The diet for healthy teeth

The teeth healthy are our visiting card.

there is nothing so important as a beautiful and healthy smile. L’oral hygiene, in fact, è important to maintain healthy and beautiful our teeth.

The pitfalls are hidden and the decay is always behind the’angle. The oral cavity is teeming with micro-organisms, and bacteria cause problems to the gums  and dental caries. Everything comes from one’s diet rich in sugars,but also from a poor oral hygiene. Also l’bad breath can be a symptom of the presence of bacteria.

To remedy this, first of all need a dentist to understand the state of our teeth, that saprà advise the right therapy, but also proper nutrition is part of it: the right diet to keep the teeth healthy.

The diet for healthy teeth

L’s power, as we have said, it does its part for the prevention of caries. È can in fact reduce the formation of bacterial plaque, by reducing l’intake of foods rich in sugar, therefore limiting the sweets, but also pasta and bread white,rice shined.

in place of these foods you can eat cereal, or derivatives, integrals. Of course, follow a healthy and balanced diet is just what we want for the health and well-being of our body but also our teeth. We recommend a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, but also foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, phosphorus, potassium,sodium, iron and magnesium. Among the foods recommended there is also the yogurt. We have said that we need to focus on a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

In this sense it is recommended the consumption of the much loved strawberries, as it whitens the teeth and prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. Even the oranges are doing their part in reducing the gingival bleeding and counteract the inflammation.

To finish the pumpkin, rich in beta-carotene, promotes better cleaning of the teeth.

the Teeth, and diseases

experts and scholars, involved of the close correlation existing between the diseased teeth and l’occurrence of some cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. To reduce risks it is necessary to adopt proper cleaning of the teeth, and to follow, as già said, a healthy diet, low in sweets, and rich in fruits and vegetables.

And for a healthy smile and beautiful…

And for all the lovers of your smile healthy and beautiful,here are some simple rules to follow, to counter l’occurrence of certain diseases, and show off a beautiful smile.

  • Limit the consumption of foods rich in sugar
  • Limit the consumption of carbohydrates
  • Avoid the consumption of gummy candy and more on  chewing-gum, to xylitol
  • Make at least two visits to the dentist, during the’year.

in Short,  not &it is so hard to keep a smile healthy and beautiful, and convey the same rules to our children.

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