The diet pre-marriage

The diet of pre-marriage is balanced, but grants some exception to the rule.

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The bride during the day of his wedding should be perfect and in shape, but to get to the day the più important of his life is simple. Today we want to talk to you about pre-wedding for the bride, not è was made only to offer you the ability to give you a perfect line but also to help you manage the stress period.

As you know, the weeks leading up to the wedding, are the più hard for a woman, who finds herself having to manage stress and nervousness, finding himself to eat a little regularly, and which can; lead to a relative increase of weight.

fatigue and stress, are encouraged by what we eat and this is very important, that give a lot of attention in the days leading up to the wedding. You need to marry short-and you want to lose a few pounds? L’important è start a few month before the date, eliminating bad habits and turn to a dietician that will followà in the months leading up to the wedding.

The first rule to follow in the diet pre – wedding è a’ s breakfast with fresh juice, cereals with milk and fruit. lunch will be a light but at the same time tasty, the future exhaust willà to enjoy a dish of whole wheat pasta, topped with fresh tomatoes, basil and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

In the evening you can eat the lean meat with a side of cooked vegetables at willà or white fish baked in the oven. Remember that in the days before the wedding, you will need a great deal of energy and for this reason, sarà necessary to integrate also the snack of metà morning and afternoon snack.

Given the charge to your day with a piece of dark chocolate, which protect the heart, così like a fruit or a yogurt. The diet of the bride is then balanced, but it allows you to integrate some small exception to the rule.

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