The diet of the vikings: Origin and benefits

We have treated of the più disparate diets from the dukan to that of the lemon, and from the inhibitory system to that of the three days, in short topics on there, but today we dedicate ourselves to a diet that is quite special in its kind, but that seems to be functions in the complex: this Is the diet viking.

Diet of the vikings: the origin and spread

As it invokes the same word, the diet viking owes its origin to the Scandinavian countries, then to the area of the’Europe in the North, where the cold temperatures impose a regime of food given, and that seems to work, at least according to a French book the“Régime nordique” where the authors Anne Dufour and Carole Garnier,enhance and reaffirm l’the effectiveness of the food regimen typical of Scandinavia.

Perché to follow the diet in viking?

this May seem like a trivial question, but it is not; so, becauseé I think that’ s all, before choosing to follow and then adapt our eating habits to a certain diet, you first asks for the perché. According to research, l’life expectancy in the countries of the scandinavian è più high compared to other parts, specifically the record belongs to’ Iceland, with 79,4 years for men and 82.9 years for women.

And always, according to a research made by the scholars of the’Università Lund, a food regime is typical of this area, and therefore rich in anti-oxidants, whole grain products rich in fiber, significantly reduces blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and lipids.

Diet of the Vikings: the food

let’s Go in the specific, and let’s see what are typical foods in the diet of the vikings. First of all, the salmon, rich in Omega 3, then the cod, which is a source of lean protein, fish oil, which is very rich in vitamin D,but then there are still the blueberries, which are really a mine-essential antioxidants, wholemeal bread, fibre-rich, l’oats which helps to control the blood sugar, and even potatoes, and vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage, or even sauerkraut with recognized propertiesà anticancer, and turnips, beet, dill and chives.

A food regimen, quite varied, which seems to work. Some perplessità   seem to arouse the herring and lichens such as Cetraria Islandica, that sure is rich of proteins and vitamins and serves to give more taste to the soups, bread or savoury biscuits  but according to some experts, such as the nutritionist, Giorgio Calabrese, one of the greatest defenders of our mediterranean diet, these types of foods characterize the scandinavian countries, and not those of our area: “Herring and lichens?Better to leave them in Scandinavia. Each Country has its own tradition, proper nutrition habits, climate. The diet of the Vikings is suitable for temperatures below zero.”

in Short, the diet of the vikings yes, but without abandoning our tradition.

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