Diet the day after: does it really work?

After the great binge you need to follow the diet the day after

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In the period of binge eating at the table, a valuable ally for our health is the diet of the day after, that diet, which in most cases comes after a‘eat a very calorie. In reality this system is really ideal not only for your online but also for the health.

During the’year captain of the periods very intense, where the exaggeration of every day, can “kill” to our stomach. We think of the holidaysà Christmas, say no to people who invite us for lunch is really impossible, for this reason, it is possible to take a small exception to the rule that also improves l’humour.

La grande abbuffata: the day after

The day after l’binge sarà need to help l’s body to to purify the body from slag, and from the excess calories. The diet of the day after helps with this and provides a breakfast of fresh fruit, or a natural fruit juice and halfà in the morning herbal tea, purifying.

For the lunch break you can eat a nice plate of white rice, seasoned only with olive oil and lemon, maybe combined with the cooked vegetables. To avoid the languor that comes at a metà in the afternoon, and a fruit or a yogurt are the best solution and for dinner, a hot soup or even a simple soup.

Before going to sleep, it is important to drink a relaxing herbal tea that will help youà to feel better, and to digest the dinner. Also to help your body, you can always opt for the post diet binge that has as main objective to purify to minimize the symptoms of a dinner is very heavy.

Avoid excessive helpings during the dinner, are also not recommended sauces, meat, fish and cheeses that are full of fats and proteins. Better to opt for the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables or cooked, seasoned with a little’ of oil.

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