Pregnancy: manage l’excessive increase in weight

The diet does not increase too much weight during pregnancy.

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The diet for pregnancy is very important and should be the starting point for the help the mom-to-be not to gain weight excessively. Gynecologists modern they are very strict with the weight during the nine months and, obviously, recommend avoid putting più of 10-12 pounds in a più.

Much depends on the starting weight of the woman, for example, who is overweight will haveà be able to manage a pregnancy with less chili più to integrate. Remember in any case that you should absolutely avoid being overweight to avoid complications from your child.

There is a diet in pregnancy don’t gain weight that require you to follow a’s balanced and healthy diet. Obviously in the case of tendency to gain weight, the advice is to immediately consult with a nutritionist or doctor who can provide valuable guidance.

A balanced diet precedes a breakfast with two slices of toast with jam and fruit peeled and washed with disinfectant. For lunch or dinner the nutrition experts recommended to consume well-cooked meat, cooked ham or roasted turkey.

Especially during the lunch is given in the free way to carbohydrates, best if supplemented with a plate of cooked vegetables, and for dinner, meat or fish with vegetables. Always remember that snacks are ideal for fruit, yogurt and nuts. It is a very simple menu that all women can follow easily in the first and in the second quarter.

In this period l’weight gain is really considerable, about a pound a month even if it is a thing very subjective as può happen, just in the first few months to lose weight and suffer of strong reasons.

pay attention to toxoplasmosis, which canò to contract when you eat fruits and vegetables not washed well. To keep under control the diabetes and the blood glucose which are constantly monitored thanks to the exams frequent that a woman must submit to it.

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