Dietary advice for athletes

dietary advice for athletes: here’s how to do it.

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people who practice often sports, they need to follow a special diet that is able to make all’s body all the resources to pass a constant activity; physical. For athletes that need to prepare in a manner that is constant all’s training of their own discipline, serve not only the physical exercises that strengthen the muscles, but l’s power becomes practically essential.

nutritionists are clear in this aspect, the food è l’energy that the body uses to deal with the physical effort the same, just like the gasoline for the machines. L’sports nutrition should be healthy and balanced there are no foods that allow you to win a race, this is very important to know.

There are forò the food that if integrated in an excessive way, they will certainly lose a race sports important. This all depends on the food that takes that allows you to deal with the physical effort in a different way.

always Remember that everything that your body takes, and must serve to provide energy, protect the body, regulate body temperature, to regenerate the tissues worn and provide a maximum force.

this is the Only way you can decide to face a maximum of a sports competition, without any type of problem and without efforts. There are simple rules to follow to make the full of energy. Set the your daily diet the amount calorie based on the energy consumption on a daily basis.

it’ s very important to make an estimate of the nutritional requirements, having regard to that need to be considered:


– Sesso

– Caratteristiche fisiche

– Dispendio energetico.

Also, it is crucial to follow a temporal distribution of the meals. A swimmer who trains at 15 or 17: 00, in the first case, will haveà be dining with a full meal, but light, complemented by a snack in the midà morning.

While those who train at 17.00 willà opt for a lunch break very substantial to snack in the morning reduced and the afternoon absent.

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