The diet Lemme

è diventanta the rage in the diet Lemme, i.e. a diet designed by dr. Alberico Lemme a pharmacist that work in Desio, in the province of Monza. This diet is become famous thanks to his inventor who is appeared in several television programs including door-to-Door and in the Afternoon 5.  it Is a method of weight loss that is based on a path food divided into two phases, a phase of weight loss and a maintenance può bring to lose up to 7-10 kg per month.

How it works the Diet Lemme?

How già said method of weight loss of the diet the Lim is based on two phases: the phase of weight loss and the maintenance phase. In the first phase, you will lose weight until you reach the ideal weight, this period of food education lasts about 3 months, which allows you to eat everything without putting on weight. During the second part takes into account of the’glycemic index of foods, and dell’s time at which you eat, without counting calories. The first phase is that of weight loss that lasts until you reach the’objective è placed. You can then stop this stage only when you would roll to have lost all the weight needed. In this time, you can have a decrease ponderla weight that varies from 7 to 10 kg per month.

Every two days are given certain directions regarding the foods to consume, according to changes recorded on certain parameters such as weight,  the circumference and the metabolic reactions of the individual.

you have Finished the first phase, the second called dell’s education, food. This stage lasts three months, during this period the menù weekly enriches and are consumed many più foods for the purpose of, as it says in the same Fjord “keep l’balance enzyme reached and to create the right balance psycho-energetic”.

The philosophy of dr Lim

Lemme own a personal website where he speaks of his diet and of the diet who invented “Philosophy of food is a way of life, is to go against the current, is to understand when to eat a certain food and what to pair it with, is to see the reactions of your body. Is a method for people with an open mind, without preconceptions,” says Lemme on the site.

Lemme organizes courses and seminars for weight loss and reveals “I Evaluate if the person that I have in front of è all’height of being able to attend the educational path that I propose. Not all if the feel of changing their eating habits and to eat, for example, onions in the morning, giving up a croissant and brioche”.

“The philosophy of food &is dangerous for even a small child but I do not take children under 12 years becauseé not able to follow the method. In ten years there were seven thousand people who have turned to me, and who have reached the’objective. Among them 400 physicians and 7 dietitians. No one is ever felt bad. I have only had complaints for abuse becauseé are rude”:

Le calorie nei cibi

According to the theory of Lim the concept of calories contained in the foods is a concept now exceeded. For the Lim instead of the parameters that must be considered are three or l’glycemic index of foods and its interaction with the’insulin, l’impact on the biochemical activity of the food and the pool enzyme individual. Lim says that’s the human body is a complex system and for this reason, for example, if we eat certain foods at 8 in the morning these foods will lead to weight loss, while if we eat the same foods as at 20, these the same will make you fat.

Sinceè, therefore l’the human body is a complex system, according to dr Lim to study it you must use a consequential logic complex, therefore, are not può resort to’use of the calories to be carried out of the calculations of the quantitative food-related as is the concept of calories is; the result of a consequential logic simple.

Therefore l’the creator of a diet Lemme in dietetics you do not need to use the calculations for the calories, but you should not rely on other concepts such as: l’glycemic index of foods, the chemical composition of these foods, l’time when the foods are taken in, associations to food and the pool enzyme individual. Thereò that has to be considered for a good diet and a fast weight loss, it is not; the calorific value of the food, but their biological action.

The principles of the diet Lemme

The diet invented by dr. Lemme excludes almost completely from’food the fruit and the vegetables, while privileges particularly l’intake of protein foods and fat. Carbohydrates usually must be taken in the form of pasta only in the morning, because; according to the theories of Lim in this way are disposed of the better. Lunch and dinner should be eaten especially the protein in the form of meat and fish. In addition, the carbohydrates and proteins should not be consumed in the same meal, but should be differentiated. A’another basic rule is that all the foods that are allowed can be enjoyed in large quantityà becauseè the calories for the Lim does not have any value.

to Be deleted from’food especially the sugar and sweeteners in general, but also the salt, the bread, the milk and derivatives, cheese and l’vinegar. Forget about the rooms, the food, therefore, must always be scondite and you can notò put the salt either in the’water for the pasta. Always remember not to eat pasta and meat together, but always in two separate meals. Among the beverages allowed are l’ water, può be also sparkling, the coffee is; the thè without sugar.

Off the space instead of all’s oil d’olive oil, especially if extra virgin, very good also the chili pepper, pepper, parsley, l’garlic, lemon and spices in general, like for example the sage, the rosemary, the basil, the thyme, the onion and the bran, which is usually used for breading. All fats are allowed, in particular, l’extra virgin olive oil’olive oil and all types of cooking, including frying. The breakfast must be made within the hours of 9:30, the lunch must be made between 12:00 and 14:00 and dinner between 19:00 and 21:00. The snack and the snack must be consumed two times a day between 10:00 and 11:00 and between 16:00 and 17:00.

Example of a diet Lemme:

1° 2° day:
BREAKFAST: turkey + coffee; LUNCH: fillet of beef + caffè
DINNER: swordfish + caffè

3° 4° day:

BREAKFAST: pasta, olive oil and pepper + coffee; LUNCH: chicken breast + caffè
DINNER: sole + caffè

5° and 6° day

BREAKFAST: artichokes + coffee; LUNCH: fiorentina + caffè
DINNER: sea bream + caffè

7° and 8° day:

BREAKFAST: pasta, olive oil and pepper + coffee
LUNCH: chicken breast + caffè
DINNER: sole + caffè

9° and 10° day

BREAKFAST: strawberries + coffee
LUNCH: filet of veal + caffè
DINNER: sea bass + caffè

11° and 12° day

BREAKFAST: pasta, olive oil and peperonc + coffee
LUNCH:chicken breast + caffè
DINNER:sole + caffè

13° 14° day

BREAKFAST: polpelmo + coffee
LUNCH: rooster hamburg + caffè
DINNER: swordfish + caffè

15° 16° day

BREAKFAST: pasta with oil and chilli caffe’ s
LUNCH: fillet of beef + coffee’ s
DINNER: sole + caffè

17° 18° day

BREAKFAST: omelet + coffee
LUNCH: chicken breast + caffè
DINNER: sea bream + caffè

19° and 20° day

BREAKFAST: pasta with olive oil and peper. + coffee
LUNCH: fillet of beef + caffè
DINNER:sole + caffè

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