Lean and fit with khakis

The persimmon is a fruit that is truly magical, rich ownedà only useful for l’s body and especially suitable for those who want to follow a particular food regime. The persimmon, also called khaki, and comes from a plant of eastern origin is very ancient and widespread, especially in Japan and China. In these countries the bearers of a millennial culture, l’tree of persimmon is defined as l’a tree with seven virtù, the first virtù è that of the long life, the second of the great shadow, the third is the lack of nests among its branches, the fourth is the lack of woodworm, the fifth emphasizes that you can; play with its leaves hardened by the ice, the seventh says that instead, they provide a nice fire and a great manure for the land.

Thanks to its good flavor is delicate and very particular khaki è was often referred to as the “food of the gods” its ancient name is that of “caco” and it comes from the japanese name, “kaki no ki”. Because of its origin and of its use in China, the persimmon was also  called “Apple d’Orient” and then spread also in Japan, where still today is one of the foods more consumed by people in japan.

In Italy, the persimmon, earlyò to be cultivated già starting from the end of the XVIII century, l’persimmon tree is very beautiful and also used to adorn the gardens, l’persimmon tree, in fact, può achieve a height of up to ten meters with large deciduous leaves and a juicy fruit. The persimmon has a rounded shape and has a peel end, yellow or orange, the pulp is very soft and juicy and is almost liquid when the fruit reaches full ripeness. When is ripe the fruit is very rich in tannin, and this substance gives the khaki a taste strongly astringent. When it has reached maturity it decreases the amount; of tannin and increase the sugars, giving the persimmons taste sweet. The nutritionists all agree that in the’state that the persimmon contains an extraordinary amount of; protein, vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium that are useful for the wellness of the’body.

Le proprietà del cachi

the scientific name of The persimmon is Diospyros kaki and its tree belongs to the family of Ebenacee, this fruit è is primarily composed of simple sugars that are absorbed immediately from’s body and give the flesh 2quel with a sweet taste and intense. Then there are also the mineral salts, such as potassium, which is crucial for the regularization of the pH of the blood, but also blood pressure, and dell’activitiesà muscle, then there is also calcium, which is essential for bone health especially in women after menopause. The persimmon is also rich in phosphorus, a substance needed for bones to the equal of the football.

Among the fruits of autumn the persimmon is the one that has più rich in vitamin A, but especially beta-carotene, that  when it is introduced in the’s body is activated and converted into vitamin A, essential for l’s body as it protects the skin and mucous membranes. Also the amount; of vitamin C is higher than any other fruit, and there is also a quantity; the greater dietary fiber and tannins.

tannins  instead you will find in large quantityà  all the more when the fruit is fully ripe, for this reason you need to eat the persimmon when the flesh is still very firm. Thanks to thereò you canà take advantage of the astringent tannins and persimmon. When, however, the persimmon has reached full ripening, the pulp is of a gelatinous consistency, the quantityà tannins &is; the lower is; you get an effect slightly laxative.

in Addition, the persimmon is great for combat fatigues that are caused by a malfunction of the liver due to the presence of valuable substances that are found in the pulp of persimmons, such as tannins, potassium and calcium. In addition, the persimmon is also suitable for the people who are on a diet possess a diuretic power that allows all’body to rid the body of excess fluids.

Cured with persimmon

help operation the liver through the power of persimmons consume one of these fruits once a day after lunch or as a snack in the midà the afternoon. To fight water retention instead of eating the persimmons at breakfast in the morning, when the’body è più receptive. If you don’t like much the viscosityà of the persimmons and the taste of its pulp, but do not want to abandon her propertyà healing past the fruit, peeled in a food mill and season with lemon juice, seasoned with a tablespoon of sugar, let it rest in the fridge and consumed after a few hours.

Also the constipation can be cured with the khaki, that should be consumed at breakfast and has to be very mature, without peel (nè seeds. In this way, the propertyà the persimmons will improve your intestinal transit.  however, If your problem is the colitis at breakfast, eat a persimmon a little’ bitter, due to tannin in the pulp avrà a strong astringent.

beauty Recipes, based on khaki

propertiesà of the persimmons can be exploited also to take care of the beauty. khaki può be used, for example, to create a facial mask, in fact, the pulp of the persimmon contains a considerable amount; of beta-carotene is able to make the facial skin more luminous, youthful and free of imperfections. To prepare a mask with a base of khaki, crushing the pulp of ripe a persimmon after that add two spoons of honey and two tablespoons of cocoa finally spread the mixture on the face. Leave the mask on the basis of persimmons  for about 15 minutes dopoo of which remove it with lukewarm water. In fact, the persimmon has a powerful antioxidant and its action, mixed with that of the cocoa  has the power to minimize the tiny wrinkles of expression, the honey instead nourishes in depthà the skin.

One’s another form may be prepared by mixing 1 yolk’s egg, with a khaki crushed, then roll out the mixture with a brush from the foundation, let it act for 20 minutes and finally risciaquate with fresh water abundant. This mask has the power of toning and firming.


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