Lose weight with the diet, 4 days

lose weight with the diet of the 4 days it is really possible

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losing weight is your main goal for the new year? Finally, we have passed the period of mega-binges and the diet of the four days, you willà your scheme is featured efor weight loss and sgonficarsi. The formula is very interesting cleanse and to stimulate the metabolism.

are You among those people who want to lose some weight and do not know how to do it? The diet of four days uses 4 types of food:

– Frutta

– the Greenery

– Cereali

– Legumi

this way to the liver,kidneys and the skin is allowed to work with maximum efficiency. This diet increases the metabolism, eliminates swelling and fluid retention.

get Ready to lose some extra pounds of too, the choice of whole-grain foods is very interesting and will give you the chance; to reach your goals, since we are talking about food less caloric and rich of fibres that reduce l’absorption of fats and sugars.

In this food regimen, your lunch will beginà with a’salad to quickly reach the sense of sazietà. To sweeten drinks and quant’other, you will need to use only a teaspoon of honey at breakfast, and also some nutritionists recommend l’elimination of the salt, opting for herbs and seasoning with 3 teaspoon of olive oil throughout the day.

of course, should not miss the rule to drink a litre and a half of water a day, even in the form of herbal teas. Let yourself be tempted by the diet of four days, sinceé all the days when you wake up, you will need to drink a chatter of water and lemon juice, at breakfast a cup of t&is; green or rozo accompanied by 2 slices of toast and 1 teaspoon of honey.

Finally, the juice of celery and apple and a yogurt is the best solution for a good start to the diet of the four days. The first day:

• Lunch: 200 g of salad of fennel and carrots: 200 g of sole in a frying pan, flavoured with thyme, 200 g of steamed spinach; 30 g of whole-wheat bread.

• Dinner: 200 g of mixed salad; 200 g of cooked chickpeas with tomato and rosemary stew; 200 g of sweet and sour onions; 20 g of whole-wheat bread.

on The second day you can vary with 200 grams of salad of celery and carrots, 60 grams of rice grains and leeks for dinner swiss chard, steamed, 200 g of baked fish, 200 g of grilled zucchini and 20 grams of whole-wheat bread.

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