The roots of winter to lose weight: really work?

During the’winter, l’main goal of most women is to lose weight. A season that brings with sé cold and frost, but also the products of the earth that are good for health. You never heard of root in winter?

We are talking about natural productsn that contribute to the slimming on the legs, thighs, and abs. The main feature of these foods is that have few calories but a high number of fibers that increase the sazietà and lighten the lower part of the body.

there Are many nutritionists that recommend l’use of roots for winter although for a long time have been snobbate. The blame is to be connected to their popularityà such as vegetables the poor, and especially in the difficultyà to find them in the tour of fruit and vegetables in the super markets or on the stalls of the markets.

The root in winter to our days have been reassessed and are easily found:

  • Turnips
  • jerusalem Artichokes
  • Celery
  • Scorzo white
  • Cardi

This root of the winter are now available in any season. Rich in minerals, fibers and vitamins, the roots of winter, contain very few calories and help to get rid of the excess fluids. Jerusalem artichoke and scorzo white contain inulin, a fibre that is not absorbed to produce energy, focus, no calorie but nutrients important for good bacteria, helping all’s balance of intestinal flora.

are You in search of a sugar, ideal for losing weight? Consumed l’inulin and you will discover that this food will be able to increase your levels of sazietà. While enjoying the jerusalem artichokes, you will have the sensation of eating an artichoke, with the consistency of a potato.

of course, between the roots of the winter più much appreciated not we can not forget the scorzo white from the bitter taste. And it’ s perfect steamed, if you boil it, remember to use the l’cooking water as a depurative.

The turnip, instead, contains only 19 calories per 100 grams, but has a defect: to absorb a lot of fat with which it is dressed. This food has a low intake of fiber, and is excellent from the point of view of nutrition, especially for potassium content.

The celeriac, white and round, has an aromatic flavor, fragrant, but sweet at the same time, which is unmistakable thanks to the content of essential oil, the sedanolide. It has a high fiber content, and calories are only 22 for a pound of product.

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