Weight loss with amino acids

Diet for weight loss with amino acids

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We have alreadyà the treaty l’argument of the amino acids, the fundamental elements for the physical well-being of the people who have the intention to lose weight. Today we want to introduce to you in detail the diet of amino acids, that offers the possibilityà to lose weight without losing muscle tone.

According to the nutrition experts of the industry, there is a need to resort to chemical supplements, you just need to increase l’contribution of the amino acids in the daily diet. This kind of diet is recommended for athletes, becauseé it does not lose the tone of the muscles.

have you ever heard of amino acids? the basically, it’s a substances that l’s body derives from food protein such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, derivatives, and legumes. Their task is to regenerate organs and tissue.

keep active the immune system and the metabolism, a good supply of amino acid, is definitely good for the body, which also burns calories. . The protein foods that we digest in a time greater than that of carbohydrates, for this can satisfy the hunger of the più long.

you Want to start from now on to the diet of amino acids? Is it necessary to have recourse to the carbohydrates that it must be a slow digestion, therefore, approved:

  • rye Bread
  • Rice
  • whole wheat Pasta
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables

Goodbye, instead, to coffee; and tea that contain caffeine and, consequently, stimulate the secretion of the’insulin. There are very many amino acids, but the ones useful to our body are:

  • L-Glutamine (decreases the cravings for sweets,starches and alcol).
  • Salmone
  • Sgombro
  • Sardine
  • Trota
  • Tonno
  • Scampi
  • Gamberi
  • Fagioli
  • Noci
  • L-Tyrosine ( present in peanuts, american, shrimps, smoked herring, sardines, meat, turkey, chicken and beef)

È best to eat for lunch and dinner pasta or brown rice, rye bread, coupled with foods mentioned above and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.

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