Lose weight with classical music

did you know that the classic music helps you to lose weight? apparently move to the rhythm of the music unleashed not looking to lose weight &with it is best to classical music. The people who go to the gym to move and rock with dance music, however they are their projects.

Listen to Beethoven increases the resistance to effort and reduces the heart rate and blood pressure. The confirmation of this news comes from the neuro-scientist English Jack Lweis, which in recent months has investigated the correlation between music and exercise.

his task has been to establish the effects of music, but è been able to study it carefully, what are the songs put in the playlist of the mp3 player to get the best results. For the warm-up phase the best track to listen to is Rock With You ” by Michal Jackson, when the beats of the heart rate start to rise, you switch to classical music or Symphony 4, Beethoven.

at The time of maximum intensity; here is the Pass Out Tine Tempah, while for the downward phase of the’loosening, and here is the Heart of the Golf of Jonny Cash. So goodbye to dance music to work out to the beat tight, is the history of the past.

Attention to the study not è was random and the results, according to which for weight loss need classical music, they also have a scientific explanation. In gyms, according to dr. Lewis, the classical music, energetic, but not too fast è l’ideal for increasing the speedà of the exercises and the resistance to the effort.

After some tests has been demonstrated that this genre of music is able to lower the level of cortisol, l’s stress hormone. Prefer l’listening to songs with sentimental value, helps to stimulate the premotor cortex.

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