Foods without sugar: beware the hoaxes

In trade, Another Consumer has found a lot of fake products where it indicates the lack of sugar, but, in reality, always present,

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We need to confirm that the world of diet products is a true jungle. più sold are definitely the foods without sugar but be careful becauseé often behind these products hide of the buffalo.

The confirmation comes directly from the Other consumer that has recently reported 40 fake products that are written to the “sugar” but in reality, they contain sugars. In trade, you can find a lot of products belonging to this category, from beverages to cookies to take advantage of the good faith of the consumers with the hope of selling.

The food companies involved in the production of these products, they were put under pressure from consumer associations. Another consumption has recently carried out a’s survey of 100 snacks and fruit juices.

The proposed results are really alarming, in fact, are at least 40 products that are reported as fake. Many propose of misleading descriptions on the labels, the sugar in the substance c’è even though it is integrated on’tag. the producers are aligned to the market requirements, you are adequate or better, apparently, they have pretended to do so. Thinking it was sufficient to add on the packaging, just a simple phrase such as ‘sugar’ or ‘no-sugar-added, actuallyà, the products are rich of sugars, used as artificial sweeteners.

The legislation on health speaks clear and is becauseé also in Italy is depopulating the diet too rich in sugar which brings the risk of obesityà. The european regulation (ec) no 1924/2006 allows the use of only three directions, low-sugar, without sugar, without added sugars, or statements equivalent in a true transparent.

of course, Other consumption has not condemned all but stresses that many food companies run on the wire of the danger, spreading in trade in fake products. Only very few manufacturers are saved from the black list, indicating l’absence of aspartame and artificial sweeteners but also in this case, it is not guaranteed that there is no sugar.

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