Reduce the appetite with physical activity

How to reduce l’appetite

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it Seems incredible but according to the latest news of the day is it really possible to reduce l’appetite, with a little’ activityà physics of everyday life. The confirmation comes directly from the results of a research conducted by James LeChemiant and Michael c Larson, two researchers of the facultyà of exercise sciences at Brigham Young University.

Definitely for a long time, we know how to do well l’exercise to the metabolism and all’s body. Many times we are asked what is the best time of day to do a little’ activityà physics and to sì that there are also results.

According to industry experts, the best time to carry out the activities; the physical may be in the morning (in this way, you can even obtain a reduction of the’appetite). Were the researchers to make tests and who have examined using EEG l’activityà because of the many volunteers, including the metà overweight and metà weight.

The two groups were divided into people who were l’workout in the morning, and the girls who were not even trained. On the first day of the’s experiment, participants walked for 45 minutes on a treadmill for 45 minutes and then è was performed an electroencephalogram to examine l’activityà neuronal response to the vision of 240 photographs (metà were dishes with food and metà instead of flowers).

do you Think that after a week, è been redone the test with the EEG, withoutò do l’training, and both the first and in the second case, the participants completed a questionnaire specifying what they ate and which activitiesà physics had done.

Almost on both occasions, the lord indicated in the questionnaires that the food that they ate and l’activityà physical activity in the days of the test was beneficial for l’body. Then the people who were exercise in the morning, had received of the responses of the brain in front of the food were less strong and that’activitiesà physics was the fact that both the normal weight that the obese in the’throughout the day they moved most.

For the moment, we have to wait further studies of deepening to understand if there is really a exclusive connection between the two factors but we wish to remind you that many persons, after having carried out a’activitiesà physics have never appetite while others are hungry.

If the test were to be confirmed, we can say that to reduce the’appetite with activitiesà physics is really possible and not deluderà the expectations of those who hopes to eat less. Sport should be an integral part of the lives of so many people, becauseé this is the only way you can get results really optimal level of physical well-being.

and Then applying a regular activity; physical to your normal regimen, you will find that the possibilitiesà to reduce the’appetite there are and do not disappoint your expectations. This is the only way that you can understand when it is important to do sports, to reduce the’appetite, also means not to run the risk of being obese and perhaps with problems in the shoulder or on the weight.

You are ready to integrate a bit’ activityà physics for a better life? You just need to find the sport that you have always desired to begin your own exercises.

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