Lose weight with Pilates

Pilates is without a shadow of a doubt, the ideal sport for burning calories, reactivate the metabolism and lose weight! Pilates is a perfect sport because it is by practicing it you don’t sweat, there is not too much of a hassle and not risk injury. The sport è così positive and very good for weight loss that in just two months you will reshape your body, especially in those critical points in which usually it is hard to throw away the rolls too, i.e. the belly and the buttocks.

This discipline, which became popular in the 90’s together with yoga in the United States, was invented by a German doctor who emigrated to the Usa after the First world war. His name was Joseph Pilates, the scholar, together with his wife Clara aprì in 1926 in New York a gym to teach the movements of the discipline with tools and free body, for the purpose of carrying out rehabilitation for dancers injured. The dancer Romana Kryzanowska, who was a’pupil of the pair picked up l’screenshotsà of the two spouses, Pilates and I teachò the technique of Pilates with Anna Maria Cova. Quest’last è was the first teacher of Italian Pilates in 1993 he opened his studio in Milan. The practice was a huge success so much so that today in Italy there are more than 300 centers speciliazzati for Pilates.

The peculiarityà of Pilates lies in the fact that l’aim is not; to burn fat, as other activities; aereobiche, but to tone up your muscles in a harmonious way, exactly for this reason that this discipline is much more effective to reshape your body and regain the shape. Just two weekly sessions of one’s hour of Pilates to get  the buttocks firm and flat belly. Most of the exercises focus on the abdominal and legs and managed to re-model them so effective and unique. The best thing about Pilates is that you do not use weights, and always work in elongation, in this way is improved to the maximum l’elasticityà, posture , coordination, and l’balance. A body in balance and with the right posture appears more thin, more beautiful, more elegant.

The first ten lessons of a course of Pilates and are usually occupied by exercises called mat work, i.e. those exercises that you are to the ground, shortly after these exercises are integrated by the movements with the machines. For example, one of the tools più used for Pilates è l’the Universal reformer, a bench with a moving carriage to perform intensive work on the whole body and involving different muscle groups. Pilates also può be held in each età. just becauseè è successful, but lightweight, and has no cotr0indicazioni for some diseases such as l’arthritis, back pain, or cardiovascular diseases. Even if there are no contraindications, of course, as always, is good to consult your doctor if you experience rigidityà or instabilitiesà of joints subject to trauma or surgery, and in the case of osteoporosis, or neurological disorders.

exercises to burn fat

After having explained the advantages and a few flaws and contraindications of pilates we offer some simple exercises of this discipline, you can also try at home to tone up and reshape your body in the best way and with few efforts.


let’s Start from the first year più simple Pilates. You start from a squatting position, the hands should be resting on the ground in front of feet, extend your legs and piegatele repeatedly, without removing the hands from the soil. Repeat l’exercise for 10 or 20 times in a row.

The second exercise consists in the’stand up, then lift one knee to chestor contract l’the abdomen in order to maintain the stabilityà and made 20 small nudges with the knee towards l’high. Do 20 lunges forward, alternating the legs. When you have finished, repeat the previous exercises by working l’other leg that was not resting on the chest. Fold the torso forward, place your hands on the ground and get in position so it stays resting only on the hands and on the tips of the feet. The arms should be straight and perpendicular to the ground and the head while the torso and legs are perfectly aligned. Doing four movements, back of hands, return to the initial position. Run l’exercise going back and forth 5-10 times. In this way rassoderete the abdomen, chest and arms.

For the next exercise get on all fours poggiandovi on his hands and knees, bend one leg behind and the opposite arm in front of them lined up to the bust after which made small thrusts with rhythmic towards l’high. Do l’exercise without stopping for 20 to 50 repetitions. After that, invert the position of the arms and legs. Also in this exercise, you work the abdomen, back and buttocks. Assume again the position of the bridge (bent the torso forward, place your hands on the ground and get in position so it stays resting only on the hands and on the tips of the feet) after which move alternatively the weight of the body forward, and all’s back. Run for 10 times the repetitions.

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