The perfect breakfast for weight loss

The breakfast is one of the main meals of the day and is perhaps one of the più important, in fact this meal should provide about 20-25% of your daily calories whereas an adult male with an average activity; physical should take a daily calorie intake equal to 2.700-2.800 calories.  that Said, this is obvious to understand how it is important to plan this meal if you intend to lose weight following a particular diet is if you want to eat well preventing a number of diseases and disorders. Of course the breakfast, like the calories that are ingested daily, vary according to dell’età, of sex and of the’activityà physics that takes place during the day. Therefore, the breakfast right will be different between a young and an old man, or between a student or employee.

breakfast just right for a man

A man has need to consume a specific number of calories, here is thereforeò what’è menù the right to enjoy the first meal of the day. The perfect breakfast for a man may be made up of a glass of milk or a jar of yogurt, allowing you to assimilate more calcium. Also important are the products that are rich in carbohydrates, such as biscuits, the flakes to soak in the milk, which can be the classic ones of corn, or the ones with whole wheat, rice and oats. Perfect the cookies, best if dry, but the bread, but also a veil of honey or jam. To introduce vitamins and fiber, very well as a fruit or a juice d’orange, pineapple or blueberries. If, however, you want to make a breakfast più simple you prefer a cup of coffee; or t is; and, pouring all’inside a teaspoon of sugar.

If you prefer the salty flavor, you can choose a slice of bread on which to spread a bit’ of butter, perfect for a sandwich with two slices of ham or an egg, and seasoned with olive oil. The croissant instead of è allowed only once a week &is made with lard and is rich in fat and indigestible. Two or three times a week  instead, you can indulge in a slice of cake homemade.

breakfast just right for a woman

different Speech for the breakfast of a woman as compared to’man, the difference lies not so much in qualityà of the food, but in particular in the amount; of calories. The daily requirement for a woman usually is calculated among the 1,800 and 2,000 calories, for this reason the woman should eat less of the’man. Excellent milk and yogurt are partially full-fat drunk, accompanied with melba toast whole grain. Also recommended are the same ingredients of the breakfast men doses  children.

breakfast just for the kids

Also for children breakfast is a meal very important thereò perchè a’età between two and 12 years, the ideal breakfast should cover about 20% of the daily requirement, and it must contain  carbohydrates to slow absorption, minerals, vitamins, low in fat and low in protein. And it’ s recommended, therefore, the consumption of one cup of milk, maybe with a little’ of cocoa, to make it più good, very good also a yogurt; a fruit salad; a slice toast with a little jam or honey.

breakfast just right for an elder

The diet of an adult in his sixties should not exceed 1500 calories daily, an eighty-year-old should not go beyond a thousand. In the breakfast for the elderly, the same rule applies to adults, this meal, in fact, cover about 20% of the demand daily. Especially the older women need calcium to prevent l’osteoporosis, in this case, the best thing to do is  a glass of milk or, for those who have problems with lactose products hydrolysates or the yogurt.

also Important to consume food sources of carboidratthe fast-absorbing, like cornflakes, or cookies and biscuits, better if integral, so as to avoid l’hypoglycemia in the midà morning. If you prefer salty, you can eat an egg two or three times a week to increase l’contribution of proteins and phospholipids. Another tip is to always consume  a glass d’water or orange juice.

breakfast just right for a student

Even for students, breakfast is one of the main meals and very important, according to some studies, in fact, the breakfast makes students less brilliant in school or all’università. To carbohydrates complex can also be added simple sugars, which are used immediately from’s body in this way with the studio avrà a performance much better. Perfect two or three slices of toast with jam, eat with a glass of whole milk sweetened with honey. Good a fruit juice and a slice of toasted bread with honey, perfect, finally, a slice of bread without the crumb with the lean ham.

breakfast just for those who suffer from constipation

The right breakfast is important even if you are suffering from constipation. In this case, before start the breakfast può be d’help’s taking one or two glasses of lukewarm water. Good hydration is associated with a’s adequate intake of fiber è important to create a good regulation of the bowel. Fiber,  which is the part of the non-digestible dell’s food, quabndo is placed in contact with l’water and swells, creating the bowel movement.

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