In shape and beautiful with the diet GIFT

With the’beginning of’summer the desire for a physical più dry and in the form of increases to achieve your objective, you can refer to many diets of different types with more or less difficulty; and effective. Quest’today we offer one of the latest diets that have been designed, i.e. the Diet GIFT, it is a new food regime created by the doctors Attilio and Luca Speciani, this method of weight loss, in particular is not based on calorie control but instead uses the natural signs of the human body to stimulate the metabolism via l’activation of the regulation centers of the brain’s the hypothalamus to direct to the consumption of fats instead ofè on’accumulation.

This diet for some years &is followed with success throughout Italy and especially in Milan, dov’è exploded a few years ago. The peculiarityà of the Diet GIFT lies in the fact that this diet works on metabolism preserving muscle mass, and d’other hand, eliminating totally the fat mass and water retention in a gradual and flexible.

The Diet GIFT is based on the’s observation of 10 fundamental rules that allow you to get the benefits the pursuit of this diet. L’daily application of these 10 rules, and può bring with gradualism; l’entire body to reach the physiological parameters of the più correct, allowing both to reach the right body mass index, but particularly reduce fat mass and make the most of the biochemical responses and metabolic donated from’s body.

Le dieci regole della Dieta GIFT

The 3 cornerstones around which is built the concept of the Diet GIFT, and its rules are:

  1. l’metabolic activation
  2. the control of’insulin
  3. the qualityà of nutrients

The ten are directly linked to the modeà of the application of these 3 principles, in order to achieve the right weight and full health.

1. Combines protein and carbohydrates

limiting l’effect of rising and lowering of the’insulin in each of the three main meals should always be inserted a amount; of proteins, equal to one-third of the total volume. The solution in this case is to use a dish.

2. Control index and glycemic load

To operate the diet GIFT is essential to keep your under control l’intake of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index (i.e. sugar, bread, white pasta) favorite especially that of fruits and vegetables, even in parità of calorie intake.

3. Distribution of meals
To aid l’s best usage of the calories from dell’s body, l’caloric intake during the day should be distributed as follows:

  • calorie intake is relevant in the breakfast,
  • contribution average lunch
  • input light in the evening

4. Fruit and vegetables in libertà

Are allowed between meals fresh fruit and vegetables in amount; unlimited. The fruit is very watery &is usually not recommended during meals. The foods that come from organic cultivations allow you to secure the una reduction in the’assumption of pollutants. Also always start every meal with some small piece of fruit or fresh vegetables.

5. Generous contributions of water and fiber

Remember to insert in the diet a daily intake of dietary fiber indigestible in order to ensure a optimal functioning of the digestive functions. For this diet GIFT is recommended especially l’intake of wholemeal flour and fruits and vegetables whole, that is; with the skins, seeds, leaves, etc. very Important l’supply of water, both natural and through the fruit and vegetables.

6. Chewing long

Taste and chewed for a long time and every food before swallowing it and send it in the stomach. The time più long and with a greater focus on the food allow you to receive first signals sazietà and improve the digestion. In this way you will also reduce the undesirable fermentations will reduce, così as the risk of unpleasant degenerative phenomena of the intestinal tract. Also learn how to sniff and taste their own foods allows you to increase the sense of sazietà.

7. Reduce l’s taking the “junk food”

so it takes place the weight loss is important to avoid foods that are overly impoverished because of the refining, cooking, industrial processing (hydrogenated fats), reduce the foods that have been added to industrial preservatives, dyes, antibiotics, hormones, flavourings, binders, thickeners and additives in general.

8. Do activitiesà physics

carry out together with the diet a’activitiesà physics of aerobic-type constant and regular.

9. Check if you have allergies

The presence of  food intolerances può hinder the weight loss and the metabolism in general. For this in order to further reduce the inflammatory state of general’s body è need to find out which food is causing l’allergy and eliminate it from the diet.

10. Balance psicofisico

physical well-being should always be accompanied by a greater psychological balance. Stress, frustrations and aggravation in fact may lead us to seek more and moreù a consolation in the food.

Menù type della dieta gift:

menù della dieta GIFT.

Breakfast: a cup of tè green, a yogurt with cereal, two slices of toast wholemeal with honey, a kiwi
Snack: juice with a grapefruit and a’orange
Lunch: a sandwich with speck, porcini mushrooms and radicchio, fresh fruit salad with yogurt
Snack: a banana
Dinner: vegetable soup with toasted grains, a piece of parmesan or provolone cheese, mixed salad  and an apple.

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