Crazy diet Lady: a journalist from l’has proven!

Raise your hand if at one time has not envied the physical sculptural and very thin singer Madonna. Despite the’età in fact, the pop star has never lost his weight and is able to maintain a body elastic and tonic to envy to a twenty-year-old. How are you doing? And it’ s soon said, the secret of this perfect form would be hidden in a diet specifically designed for the pop star, a diet that Lady here for years and never overdriven, and that allows you to have a physique lean, muscular and hyper-tonic, in short, what all women always dream.

Già in the past we told you about the macrobiotic diet followed by our Lady and of the secret of this diet, but this time we want to reveal to you l’direct experience of someone that this diet l’has proven!

To investigate the secret of the beauty and breathtaking body of Madonna has thought of the journalist Rebecca Harrington, that for the New York Magazine wrote a fun diary, dedicated to the women who would like the physique of the Lady and wish to discover its secret beauty.

The first ace in the sleeve of the pop star, for taking care of his physical è Mayumi Nishimura, the guru of the macrobiotic (to discover the macrobiotic diet and all its secrets, we recommend: the macrobiotic diet) . The body of our Lady è was “carved” by the letter of the Mayaumi’s Kitchen, that is, the manual of macrobiotic cooking, while as regards the fitness if you want to have a body like Madonna, you should follow the’s Addicted to Sweat, a collection of dvd to the fitness.

following in The footsteps of Madonna, all in search of the perfect body, the journalist Rebecca Harrington, has followed step by step the whole diet of the singer and her day in the cure of the body discovering on their own skin what an effort it costs to have a body così. The first day he had to eat for breakfast, a miso soup, while the second day of a apple. In the following days, in addition to the macrobiotic diet, the Harrington has had to perform a series of physical exercises and military sessions, endless fitness eating for dinner, a corn on the cob with plum sauce.

with all The other dishes provided by the macrobiotic cooking followed by Madonna? the quinoa Salad, meatballs, tofu and cheese tofu. After ten days from the Madonna, with her diet and her fitness exercises for a perfect body, the Harrington has abandoned l’experiment in returning to eat in the normal manner, and forgetting dishes shrivelled and tasteless, zuppine and, above all, the exercises are endless and exhausting in the style of “soldier Jane” to run all day.

The conclusion? Madonna  avrà also a perfect physique and stunning in spite of the’età… but how hard!

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