Jessica Simpson is slimming after giving birth thanks to the diet Weight Watchers

Jessica Simpson è managed to lose all the weight that he had taken during the pregnancy thanks to the legendary diet Weight Watchers and personal trainer Harley Pasternak. The star revealed that she managed to burn 18 pounds accumulated after the birth of Maxwell Drew, and who is still working on itself to reshape his physique.

La dieta Weight Watchers per perdere peso

Jessica Simpson è managed to lose so many pounds thanks to his perseverance, and thanks to two fundamental factors: the sport and the right diet.
To the sport we thought the personal trainer of the star, Pasternak has taught Jessica some of the exercises very useful to find the form. Even the Simpsons has also involved her child in the exercises using your baby as a weight, for example in the squat where he had to practice with the child in her arms, or on the flat bench with the small one used as a weight. Other exercises that Jessica was with the child in his arms were the sit-up or twisting of the torso.

“No matter the numbers. I have lost enough weight to be able to congratulate myself,” revealed Jessica Simpson “I was one of those women who looked at the magazines and thought ‘Oh my God, how did he (to lose all that weight)? Now I’m in that same position, I gained weight more than expected, and I think I need to separate myself from the expectations of the world, by looking only inside of me, and trying to make healthy choices” Simpson said.

The singer has been contacted directly by the Weight Watchers after that, once born, was increased several pounds, and was even targeted by the media because of her weight gain. According to the New York Post, Jessica Simpson would have accepted to follow diet Weight Watchers by signing a contract from 3 million $ to become the testimonial for weight loss healthy and quick.

The diet Weight Watchers was conceived in the years ’60 Jean Nideeth and had immediately a great success. Jean Nideeth was a homemaker american to be able to lose weight started had started to assign points to each food that he ate. On this basis, in the diet weight watchers to any person who needs to lose weight, it is assigned a maximum score based on the foods that should not be exceeded in the’arc of the day in order to lose weight.

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