An English study reveals that: l’anorexia among teens is contagious

L’anorexia nervosa is a very serious disease of the mind and of the body which particularly affects the teen. Are many teenagers that are affected by this terrible evil that is causing the rejection pathological food and of the body.

This disease is dark and very dangerous, which often può also cause death, it could even be contagious, it has been a team of researchers at London School of Economics and Political Science (GB).

The scientists, led by dr. ssa Joan Costa-Font, hannos face’s survey of a sample of 2871 girls in the United Kingdom with a’età between 15 and 34 years of age. The team of scientists has analyzed the food habits of these girls, taking into account the anthropometric measures (weight, height, waist etc), level of education and the perception that they had of their body, in relation to the weight.

The results of the research have shown that girls with a Body Mass Index (IMC) of less than 17.5 contract l’anorexia nervosa, among these, the majority had been influenced by their peers to be suffering from a eating disorders. Therefore, the girls già sick of anorexia tend to “infect” the other girls  to the refusal of food, and disease.

“We found evidence that the social pressure, through the physical form of the same age, is a determinant in explaining l’anorexia nervosa’s lead in the young people a distorted perception of their body” have shown researchers in the uk.

L’anorexia nervosa is a disease which always hits the più young girls, rather young, who are fighting a battle extreme against the food and against themselves. For a parent it is often difficult to spot the first signs of’anorexia nervosa in their daughter. We see, then, what are the symptoms of’anorexia nervosa, sarà sufficient for the parent to evaluate the relationship that the son has with food.

the ache of se:

  • the eat &it is lived with joy, or with a strong suspicion
  • when your child receives the food and devours him (in the sense of destructive)
  • l’adolescete creates around’s the power of the rituals, for example the island, split the food into many small parts, hides food
  • the guy has a’s particular attention towards your body
  • the personalityà dell’s a teenager tends to the obsessive perfectionism, but also because it’s ambivalence or all’aggressività
  • you observe a regressive behaviours with vomiting self-induced
  • l’as a teenager she weighs continuously and is worried about your weight
  • l’adolescent abuse of drugs, laxatives, or diuretics.

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