Lose weight d’summer: the right diet to follow

The hot summer in order to lose weight to the sea must be well designed to be able to deal with in the right way, the months, the più hot dell’year, and at the same time, reshape your body, losing the rolls too that compromise our physical form and preparing for the swimsuit. L’summer è è the best time to lose a little’ of weight, thanks to the heat, which decreases hunger, but also the many activitiesà physical that can be carried out to the sea. When we are at the beach, in fact, è più easy to make sports, running on the beach or simply swimming, forgetting at the same time the excesses of the winter, between hot chocolates and pastries hyper caloric.

let’s See how to set up the right diet in the summer to lose weight and weight loss d’summer without too many sacrifices and without difficultyà. The first thing is necessary to follow a proper diet in summer, where the main rule is to drink a lot of water. You shall consume at least two liters per day if you carry out the activities; normal, while if you move a lot and do sports we recommend that you drink at least three.

The diet was the summer right

Despite the morning face very hot and this is likely to compromise, especially on waking, your hunger, remember that in the summer  è very important to make a breakfast that is abundant. Drink a nice fruit juice of semi-skimmed milk, a slice toast with jam, or a sandwich with wholemeal bread and cooked ham. If you have no desire to eat and you want to immediately rush to the beach to enjoy a nice dip in the sea, eat one yogurt and a fresh fruit salad.

In the summer, &is crucial to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, these foods, in fact, possess propertiesà antioxidants and are perfect pr moisturize your body and make the full of vitamins and fiber. In addition, citrus fruit, carrots, tomatoes, apricots, peaches, berries, and melon are the friends of the’tanning and will allow you to have a tan, perfect.

we recommend that You then consume as many whole grains as l’barley or spelt, you can eat together with vegetables and legumes. Avoid instead of the seasonings that are too fat and the cooking fries , and that they remain heavy. For dinner you should eat protein by indulging in dishes of fish or white meat, eggs, or fresh cheeses.

menù of the diet in summer

let’s See then what can be the menù daily diet for summer


  • cup of the thè
  • a jar of low-fat yogurt


  • ’mixed salad
  • hard boiled egg
  • two slices of whole wheat bread


  • bresaola with parmesan and arugula
  • grilled vegetables

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